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About Melissa
Melissa Bult is an intuitive teacher and coach, assisting others to re-member who they are – a powerful and loving soul each with their own Divine life mission.
Highly intuitive and empathetic, Melissa's path began to unfold when she was a teenager and came across a book by Louise L. Hay called 'The Power is Within You.' She rediscovered what she always knew inside - that her life would be a reflection of her thoughts and feelings and ultimately the power to have the life she wanted was in her hands. Once this door opened the connections Melissa had kept shut down for many years began to re-open and she clearly started to hear and see the angelic realm. She began to work with the angels in all areas of her life, thus increasing her intuitive abilities and understanding of the higher realms.
Wanting to share this new found knowledge with others Melissa was first guided to train as a Naturopath as she wished to empower people to heal themselves. She then trained as an Angel Intuitive™ with Doreen Virtue PH.D in 2004, 2005 and with advanced skills in 2006. Combining her knowledge of physical healing with the healing that comes with working with the angelic realm, she added the metaphysical and practical concepts of Louise Hay’s work by becoming a ‘Heal Your Life and Achieve Your Dreams Teacher and Coach’ in 2006. Melissa has also trained as a Life Coach with Australia’s leading coaching institute – The Coaching Institute. Angel Guidance Ltd was created after Melissa started getting more requests to give angel readings and consultations.
Melissa combines her understanding of the physical, mental and spiritual realms so that she can bring you concepts to heal and empower you on all levels. “The Power is essentially within you, my job is to assist you to remember this and guide you on the journey.”
Melissa has appeared in the NZ Herald Viva, The Rainbow News, Soul Quisine, Woman's Day, NZ Women's Weekly and on TVNZ's Close Up.

Personal Bio
I live in Auckland, New Zealand and I am a mother to a beautiful little boy.  When I have spare time I enjoy dancing, meditation, reading, fashion and spending time with family and friends.

Growing up a sensitive and intuitive child, I was always seeking to help others and discover the secrets of life. I was always seeing angels and sensing spirit and felt much older than the other children. Luckily I had very understanding parents that nurtured my ideas and never told me that what I understood spiritually was wrong.
I am very passionate about guiding others to re-member how beautiful and powerful they are so that they may experience a life of joy and love. My greatest vision is for a world of peace, love and unity where we all re-member that we are one. 

I have also trained as a makeup artist and worked in the beauty industry, retail fashion and administrative roles. I featured in the New Zealand Herald Viva in 2006 and was a top five finalist in Miss World New Zealand in 2002 which was a fun experience for me.