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Friday Inspiration - 18 September 2009
By Melissa Bult

Princples and Practice of a Spiritual Life - Part 2

Carrying on from last week here are the other five principles I live by for creating balance, peace and harmony in my life.


6. Contemplation is the highest form of activity – Aristotle said that and he was on to something.  When we contemplate that which we wish to experience or create in our life we put ourselves in the position of doing just that.  Often we waste much of our time contemplating what we do not want or fear rather than what we do want.  As I have heard Dr. Wayne Dyer quote on many occasions ‘the law of floatation was not discovered through the contemplation of the sinking of things.’ 


When you look up the meaning of contemplation you get the following explanations; the act or state of contemplating, thoughtful observation or study, mediation on spiritual matters, intention or expectation.  


It is useful to contemplate all things, to think about them with detachment and open-mindedness, to go to greater depths within ourselves for answers we have not yet discovered.  As I heard the Dalai Lama say – ‘there is a big difference between something that has no proof of existence, and that which has not yet been discovered.’  Great things have been discovered through contemplating the solution, not the problem.  If your life is full of excuses then you are contemplating from the ego, to change this you can contemplate from the highest that is within you and know that there is an answer to all things waiting to be discovered. 


7. All things happen in perfect Divine timing – there is a time for everything and that timing is perfect.  Divine timing is when all the people and conditions for a particular event are in perfect alignment for all parties involved.   When we pray for things in our life we often put a time limit on them or get stuck around how things will ‘need’ to happen in order for satisfactory result.  Doing this not only blocks things from manifesting but also limits the possibilities. 


The Great Divine Spirit (or God) has a much bigger perspective than you do, as does your soul.  When you put limitations on how and when things will happen you can limit the possibilities.  I have learned over the years not to get stuck on the timing of things because when I do, not only do I block the flow of events I also realise that in many cases what I thought I was ready for, I was not and if it had come sooner it would not have been as perfect as it is. 


As it is explained in the Tao Te Ching (a book of 81 verses written 25 centuries ago and meaning – ‘living and applying the great way’) – the Tao does nothing…but leaves nothing un-done.  Meaning all things occur perfectly, naturally and with ease if we allow the space for that to happen, just as it does in nature.  This does not mean we never take action, of course not, but instead of forceful, fear based action, we take action that is wise, intuitive and in harmony with all of life.   


8. Everything I need comes to me and everything I need to know is revealed to me – Louise Hay said that and she was right.  I have always found great comfort in affirming this and have always found it to be true.    


Believe it or not, life was not meant to be a struggle, nor was it meant to be ‘hard’, it will be whatever you believe it to be.   When you put yourself in the flow of things you know that there is enough for everyone and whatever you need, will appear to you when you need it and whatever you need to know will be revealed.  There are plenty of earth angels just waiting to assist you if you just allow yourself to receive.  We are all programmed to have a successful life in whatever form that takes and as part of that we are given free will which means it is up to us to ask for Divine support and guidance on the journey.  You can change your mind about any situation or belief in any given moment, remember that a miracle is a change in perception.


9. Prayer and Meditation are the keys to spiritual growth and wellbeing – it does not matter which spiritual path you follow, they will all advise you that meditation and/or prayer are essential.  Mediation in its many forms allows us to centre, to listen to our inner selves, to be still and quiet and connect at a higher level.  We can tune out all the physical and visual noise in our world so that we may explore our inner depths. 


Prayer is a form of communication with God or Divine Spirit (however you define it) and also your higher self.  When we pray (and there are lots of different ways to do this) we are choosing to connect and call forth a higher form of guidance. 


Prayer is often lumped under religious context but it is not only for those who are religious.  It is a form of self expression and an opportunity to affirm what is happening for us at the present moment, we may be calling on protection, giving gratitude or requesting assistance.  In ‘A Course in Miracles’ it is stated that prayer is the medium of miracles and I have certainly found that since I went back to daily prayer I can say life has changed in miraculous ways. 


Always find a form of prayer and meditation that suits you.  For meditation the best place to start is simply working with proper breathing and learning to be totally present.  It is important to be grounded and start with the basics.  In terms of prayer, I have always found that prayer that gives gratitude rather than prayer that asks for anything is the most successful.  For example rather than saying ‘please bring me more abundance because I do not have enough’ you would say ‘thank you for all the abundance in my life, I am most grateful and I trust the flow of abundance.’   I always surrender things too so when I do prayer I simply say that I surrender my life to the highest that is within me and I know that all things will happen in Divine and perfect order. 


10. Love Yourself - I believe there is nothing more important than loving and accepting oneself.  This has nothing to do with being egotistical, your ego is all about conditional love i.e. I am loveable because of what I have, what I do, what others think about me etc…


Loving yourself means recognising your Divine nature and choosing to accept all parts of yourself.  When we love ourselves we do so without condition, nothing outside of us is responsible for whether we are loveable or not, we are loveable because we exist. 


We were created in love and therefore that is our true nature.  So loving yourself is merely recognising and acknowledging your true nature.  When you love yourself you automatically love others because we are all connected and you open the door for others to love themselves. 


Affirm daily – ‘I am loveable because I exist.  I am willing to love and accept myself right now’


Have a lovely week.


Love, light and blessings

Melissa x


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