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Friday Inspiration - 25 September 2009
By Melissa Bult

Taking Care of Yourself

Hello everyone,

I had a few ideas on what to write this week but one really stood out from the rest as the most important to talk about right now.   From my recent observations there is a pattern of personal crisis and sickness emerging for many people at the moment.  So today I want to talk about how to cope during this time.

Last week I completely lost my voice and when I started asking around (once I had my voice back) I found that quite a few people were experiencing the same thing.   Many of my clients have recently been un-well and the common conditions are colds or cold like symptoms with sore throats being a major issue and dizzy spells with or without nausea.  People seem to be very tired for no reason with little motivation and un-able to wake refreshed from sleep.   These are some of the common theme physical issues. 

The other common themes seem to be intense emotional upheaval, excessive dreaming at night, major life reviews, spells of depression and lots of confusion.  It may feel like you are going through an intense period of personal growth and processing lots of mental, emotional and physical experiences.  I have also had several clients go through the death of a loved one recently and many experiencing a personal crisis of some sort.

I am less interested in talking about why this is happening today, it is a combination of factors including the seasonal change and the fact we are getting closer to the end of the year and may be also related to Mercury going retrograde and other more esoteric theories. 

So how do we deal with all of this?  Well that varies according to what you are experiencing and the intensity of it.   Firstly and most importantly whether you have had recent problems or not, now is a good time to take extra care of yourself on all levels – physically, mentally and emotionally.   The following are some tips and ideas for looking after your-self at this time:

- Get plenty of sleep and rest – take time to really rest your mind and body.
- Make sure you are doing moderate physical exercise a few times a week.  Good balanced exercise such as walking, swimming, yoga, pilates or tai chi are recommended.
- Eat well and cut junk foods, excess sugar, alcohol, coffee and other toxic food or beverages from diet.   The fuel you put into your body is going to contribute to the kind of results you get out of it.  Junk food equals a junky mind, poor energy and low immunity. 
- Get out in nature.  Spend some time out in beautiful surroundings getting some fresh air and quiet time.   Nature is one of the best places to balance your-self
- Turn off the TV, radio, computer, cell-phone, video game etc… and spend some time really quietening the mind and relaxing
- Do breathing exercises and meditate
- Read inspiring, enlightening or self-development material
- Have a massage or healing treatment
- Take immune boosting herbal medicine
- Boost your body with appropriate supplements
- Take a weekend break away from everything
- Be organised and if you are having trouble remembering things then make notes for yourself
- Delegate and ask for help if you are feeling overwhelmed
- For serious emotional issues or life changes seek professional help and support
- Create good boundaries by learning to say NO when you need to and not feeling obligated to attend social events when you need to rest
- If you are not feeling well take the time to care for your body and take it as a sign you need to rest and allow the process
- Reach out for support from friends and family if you need to
- Be kind and compassionate with your-self and others
- Take time to laugh and have fun

Part of writing this as today’s subject was to help you realise that if you have experienced any difficulties recently or wondered why you have had disruptions, illness or generally felt weary, you are not alone.  The best way to move through this period is to look after your-self and know that like all things it will pass.   

Affirmation – I look after myself, I ask for what I need and I trust the process of life to guide me to my highest good. 

Have a great day.  

Love, light and blessings

Melissa x  

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