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Friday Inspiration - 9 October 2009
By Melissa Bult

Going Home

Hello everyone,

With the natural disasters in Samoa, the Philippines and Indonesia (to name a few) we have witnessed much grieving and sadness.  Some of you may have been affected personally by these events or events in your own life, others of you may have just felt the group sorrow for such loss.  With this theme in mind today I would like to talk about death and grieving.

Death is a pretty big topic to look at and I was intuitively guided to explore it today.  For many, death can be a very frightening topic and may also be a fear they have – as fear of dying is very common.   Loss of a loved one is also something we do not like to think about which is totally understandable. 

I do not wish today’s inspiration to be a morbid experience, quite the opposite in fact, I would like it to be a positive experience.  Although we all have different belief systems around dying and what is on the other side, today I want to look at the more common beliefs and how they may bring us comfort. 

In general, common ‘spiritual’ beliefs suggest that death is actually birth and birth is actually death.  This is because when we come into a physical existence we forget much of where we come from and what we are and this is seen as the end of our ‘freedom’ so to speak.  Once trapped into a physical body we are much more limited (or at least we feel more limited) than what we are when we are just pure spirit.  When we leave the body we are born back to the spirit world again, here we remember our full true nature.  For most of us, we take much learning from our earthly experience and hence may also feel as though we are born into a higher level within ourselves when we pass.  

Personally I believe that no matter how long or short one’s physical life was, that time was perfect for their learning/teaching experience here on the planet and the soul knows when to return home.  (Although there has been debate in the case of accidents as to whether that was the person’s time or not.)  To our physical minds these ideas can be hard to understand and comprehend when we are faced with the loss of a loved one.  I went to see clairvoyant medium Lisa Williams on Sunday night and she also commented along the lines that we cannot truly hold the understanding of life on the other side in our limited mind while in a physical body. 

I read once in one of the ‘Conversations with God’ books (by Neale Donald Walsh), that if we could remember how amazing it was when we go home, we would never grieve the loss of a loved one the same way because we would be so happy for them.  In most cases our grief does not come from the fear of what has happened to our loved one it is about our missing them in the physical sense.  For you cannot ever lose anyone, they are simply changing form and still exist but it changes our physical world and we grieve for that. 

The stages of grief are important for us to experience.  Just because we know that our loved one is safe and happy on the other side does not mean we are not going to feel a range of emotions as part of the process.  Always allow yourself to grieve, even if it is not a physical death you are grieving.  Death is also felt when we end a relationship, when a cycle of our life changes, when we leave a career or move to a new home or country.   Give yourself permission to feel the feelings you have and always reach out for support when needed. 

Death is just another aspect of life.  The cycles of beginning and ending will always exist and whenever something ends something new begins.  My grandmother has always talked about things happening in threes.   Whenever there has been a death in the family we would come to expect that there would also be a marriage or baby or something else positive following it. 

Although it sounds cliché death also reminds us to live each day fully and with gratitude.  To appreciate our loved ones and tell them often how much we love them.   It can be the perfect opportunity to reflect on your life, to do a life review and to make positive changes.   The greatest tragedies of our life can be our great opportunities to triumph if we choose them to be.  All situations, no matter how ‘bad’ they may seem have a golden nugget to be found and claimed. 

Death or dying is not a topic many people find easy to talk about and it is often something we do not want to deal with until we have to.  I personally think that exploring the concept of dying and what lies beyond that is a positive thing and can help us to feel more comfortable with the process rather than seeing it as something to fear.   This does not mean focusing your thoughts on it or worrying about it, but simply allowing yourself to look at what it means to you. 

Take the opportunity today, not to reflect on death but to reflect on life and how much each day can mean.  Let go of all the little things that are worrying you and smile.  Tell the people you love how much they mean to you and make a commitment to do something you have always wanted to do.  Send your prayers and thoughts to those who need support and love right now, for to extend your love and light to to truly live. 

All my love and gratitude

Melissa x

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