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Friday Inspiration - 16 October 2009
By Melissa Bult

Going Home

Hello everyone,

Over the weekend I was part of a discussion about life journeys.  Sometimes in life we choose to take particular life journeys and other times we seem to be thrown into a journey we were not expecting.  I have been busy contemplating the idea of a soul’s journey this week, especially after little two year old Aisling Symes went missing and in light of the other tragic events we have been seeing recently.  

I guess the biggest question whenever we experience the death of a child or a tragic death is why?  Whenever we experience or witness something tragic or painful we will ask why?  Why indeed.  Like I talked about a little while ago, some things are a mystery.   But let’s look at this around the concept of life journeys.  

Some of us are here for a long journey and some for a shorter one, some people will experience a bumpy ride and others a smooth one. Either way, I believe each of our journeys is perfect for us.  Within our life journey we will also experience a series of smaller journeys.  Life events and circumstances can put us onto a path we may not have expected and yet again there is some perfection to the path because it will provide us with many opportunities to learn and grow.   Other times we put ourselves onto particular paths and these are all smaller journeys within the bigger one.  

As I think about the very sad recent passing of Aisling Symes I am able to reflect on how much her disappearance brought the country together, how an entire community was devoted to helping the family and so many New Zealanders were touched by this little girl.  What an amazing soul to come and show us this, to bring people together and to open our hearts.  Sometimes, as awful as it sounds, it takes tragic circumstances to open our hearts and our minds.   

The way I see it, a two year old child has opened the hearts of a country (and probably beyond) and awakened things in people at various different levels.  Was that her journey in this life?  I cannot answer that, but I do believe the impact she has had on us shows there was much purpose for her short life on earth. 

This has been seen before with children who go through serious illnesses, as they teach people so much and bring a new level of love and understanding into our lives.  I was watching an old Michael Jackson video the other day of the song ‘Gone to Soon’ written for Ryan White, who brought the HIV/AID’s crisis to light in the 1980’s.  He created mass awareness around the discrimination and misunderstandings of this dis-ease.   His was a sad story in many ways, but he left us with very powerful messages…maybe that was his soul’s purpose.
We are all on a journey that has many layers.  There are the bigger aspects of the journey where we look at being part of a greater whole (The Universe or The ALL), then our individual soul journey, our physical journey and all the aspects of life – relationships, careers, life experiences such as a health issues, divorce, marriage, children, finances, spiritual awakenings, loss, education…each part of our life is another aspect of the journey. 

There is a wonderful underlying organisation at work here – the family we are born into, the country we live in, the timing of events, the people we meet and the experiences we are exposed to all leading us down various pathways.   Sometimes we may feel as though we got onto the wrong path, but is it wrong or did we just need to experience it to know it was not where we wished to be?  We have been given the gift of free will and all paths may lead to the same destination in the end but how we get there can really vary. 

It can be very useful to take time to reflect on our journeys – where we have been, where we are right now and where we wish to go.   What have our journeys so far taught us and how have they contributed to the way we are being today?  And what can we learn from the journeys of other people?

We can also decide to put ourselves on a specific journey – maybe a physical one like going to a special overseas destination or out into nature to reflect.   It could be as simple as reading a book or attending a class.   This includes the journey inwards through meditation, breath work or healing work, connecting with oneself on the levels of mind, body and soul. 

Life is a journey…not a destination (as corny as that sounds) and it has many layers.  Take a moment today to reflect on your life, where you have been and where you are going, even if you do not fully understand the path know that you will always find your way home. 

Love and blessings

Melissa x

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