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Friday Inspiration - 23 October 2009
By Melissa Bult

Finding Salvation

Hello everyone,

Over the weekend I taught a new workshop and we discussed the various masks we wear in life.  Our wounded ego is always looking for something outside of itself for protection, support and healing but it is looking in all the wrong places.  The salvation we seek is inside of us rather than outside of us.  So in today’s inspiration I want to explore that idea a little further.

What does the word Salvation actually mean – provides the following meaning:

Salvation – noun
1. the act of saving or protecting from harm, risk, loss, destruction, etc.
2. the state of being saved or protected from harm, risk, etc.
3. a source, cause, or means of being saved or protected from harm, risk, etc.
4. in Theology – deliverance from the power and penalty of sin; redemption

Our ego* mind has convinced us that we are not good enough, not loveable, guilty and separate from our creator and others.  It is concerned with what we do, what we have and what others think about us, concern for these things can cause us a great deal of pain.  When we feel pain we reach further into the outside world in the hope that we will find some salvation there but this is the great illusion the ego creates to keep you from your real self. 

Lesson 70 in A Course in Miracles states ‘my salvation comes from me.’  This lesson helps us to understand that nothing we seek outside ourselves will bring us the salvation we are wanting.  Religious institutions have always stated that we must reach to God for our salvation and in some ways they are right but the understanding I have around this idea of reaching to God is actually reaching to the highest that is within us as opposed to reaching to something separate from us. 

You were created out of love and love holds no grievances towards itself or others.  When you hold grievances you are being unlike your true nature and this will drive you to go further and further into your ego nature causing you more pain and more grievances.

When you are able to realise that you were created from love you begin to release the pain in your mind which tells you that you are not loveable or that you are guilty.   Because love did not create those ideas, those ideas are therefore illusions of the ego mind.   When you realise they are illusions you can let them go and re-member your true nature, this is your salvation. 

No person, place or outer thing can give you that salvation because you are seeking it as a temporary band aid to the pain you feel when you are caught in illusions about yourself and others.   This pain we carry (and sometimes we do not even know where it came from) causes us to feel that on some level we are ‘wrong’, the ego does not tell you why you feel wrong it just tells you that you are.  You begin to feel a sense of shame or guilt for that which you believe you should be and should not be. 

When we go into this painful place we look for ways to mask it.  We can have literal masks which are persona’s we put on in the world – the seductress, the jokester, the good girl, the nice guy, the saviour, the victim, the intellect, the tough cookie and so on.   Masks also come in the form of the perfect job, relationship, house, car, appearance, financial status and even the self-righteous spiritual person.   Anything we use as a way of distracting us away from our inner pain or to prevent others seeing it is really a mask.

In my experience people will do anything to avoid a crisis in their life and the ego does not want you to go into crisis.  When we go into crisis there is a really good chance we will look inward or turn towards a higher power hence bringing us back towards our true nature and creating less rule of the ego.  

When we recognise that the same mind that created our illusions about ourselves and the world is capable of un-creating them we find our salvation.  The same mind that invented your guilt can also bring you peace.  

As you heal the grievances you have with yourself you also heal those you have with others and vice versa.  You cannot be in a place of judgement and un-forgiveness of others and feel peace at the same time.   And when you are holding grievances against others you cannot hold your light and being the light is your true purpose. 

So take the time to reflect on the areas of your life where you feel wrong or guilty or un-lovable and the places where you are holding un-forgiveness or judgement on yourself and other people and recognise they are illusions of your mind.  They did not come from love and therefore they are not real.  Go inward and say to your-self ‘love created me like itself and love holds no grievances.’  You will come to see your blazing light as you recognise your true self and in this find your ultimate salvation. 

*clarification of the term ego in this context – a dream of what you really are.  The part of your mind which believes it is separate from creation and wishes to be that which you are not.  This ego is not what we think of in terms of ‘having a big ego’ as such (although this is part of it) but the aspect of you which solely identifies with the personality and physical world.  It is the part of you which identifies with and creates illusions and causes you to forget where you came from.  Ego = Edged God Out or Earth Guide Only (analogies courtesy of Dr. Wayne Dyer). 

Please note there will be no Friday inspiration next week due to my being away.  It will all be back to normal on Friday 6th November.

Love and blessings

Melissa x

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