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Friday Inspiration - 13 November 2009
By Melissa Bult

Energy Shifts

Hello everyone,

I had something in mind to write about this week but changed my mind as I feel absolutely driven to write about the current energy we are experiencing.  As I write this the date is 11.11.11 (2009 = 11) and I feel as though I have been run over by a bus.  It has nothing to do with what I have been eating or not getting enough sleep, nor because of some major change or emotional upheaval.  It is simply related to the energies that are changing on the planet right now and this week in particular features what has been suggested as a sort of gateway with the 11.11.11 date.  11 in numerology terms is also a gateway energy, so triple that and you have some interesting energy taking shape.

I do not fully understand all the talk of the changing energy and I am not going to pretend too, nor do I want to make it ‘far out’ or ‘airy fairy’ for you today, as I think we need to keep things grounded.  But I wanted to bring attention to how people are currently feeling.  After feeling tired, un-motivated and generally lethargic (totally not my normal self) the last couple of week’s I asked a few others how they had been feeling and they confirmed they had experienced a similar vibe.   There has also been an increase in emails coming to me from people who feel lost, stuck or generally low to those who are struggling with a crisis of sorts and many who are just generally tired of waiting or having faith that something is about to go right for them. 

It is normal at this time of year to start to wind down, lose some motivation and generally begin to switch off but the feeling I have been hearing people express is much more than this.  If you have felt tired (even after a big sleep), you are dreaming intensely (especially about things from the past or just very strange dreams), wanting to eat more and especially the wrong foods even though you are not sure if you are actually hungry, you have felt heavy or bloated, achy or headachy, you want to sleep more, unmotivated, perhaps bordering on depressed at times, emotional and feel that simply sitting in front of the TV all day is about as much as you can handle - welcome to the void.

As we evolve as a planet and within humanity, higher energy (higher vibrating frequencies) come into the planet and force lower vibrating frequencies to come up for clearing.  So it is a bit like a big purging, purifying and balancing for the whole planet.  Those who are more sensitive in nature are more affected than others, generally speaking.  If you have not felt anything, do not worry because you will at some stage in the next few years.

There is no doubting that things on the planet are changing, whatever can not be taken into the ‘new earth’ will most certainly be broken up, cleared out or re-structured.  This has certainly been shown this year in the financial arena and even just recently in New Zealand politics with MP’s being shown up for stepping out of integrity.  Issues such as what’s really in our food, animal rights and the environment are getting much more attention than ever before.  

The current energy is not related to the ideas portrayed in the new movie due out this week ‘2012.’  Yes, the Mayan calendar does end in 2012 but it does not represent the end of the earth as Hollywood has so violently shown it.  Rather it is the end of an era and the end of things as we have known them. 

There is certainly a mix of information out there as to what is happening but many agree on the fact that there is a change happening and it is a positive one.  But like all change it will take some adjustment on both a mental and physical level.  When systems are no longer working, when attitudes are holding us back and when we get to a point of no return (such as the environment) we must change the way we do things. 

If you find your life and attitude is changing then you are part of the wave of change occurring.  Relationships, finances, career and health are all being tested right now, whatever no longer fits is preparing to drop away.  Be prepared to let go of material things, relationships and thought forms that no longer fit or to experience some change within them. 

Just now I have received a newsletter from best selling author and spiritual teacher Dr. Doreen Virtue who explains that she too has not been safe during these changes.  A sudden divorce from the ‘perfect’ manifested husband who has also taken her to court for alimony just shows that none of us are above being affected.

I have recently noticed my attitude to money and material possessions is changing quite rapidly.  The joy I once experienced in the material world is no longer as strong and a deeper understanding of joy is occurring along with less attachment to the things of this world.  This is a part of my experience of the changing energy, some of you might have also noticed it, while others will notice other aspects of their lives changing.

The main thing to be aware of is that the change is inevitable and how you deal with it is what counts.  We cannot continue the way we have been going and more and more this is showing up in the media, awareness is growing and more information is coming to us than ever before. 

So if you feel as though you have been dropped into a void of late where you experience a sense of nothingness – no energy, no motivation, no financial support, no clarity, no inspiration, no direction, no starting, no finishing, no anything then you must simply ride it out and do the best you can.  We are going through periods of this energy to give us some reflection and preparation to step into a new awareness.  Feeling the shift of energy is a positive thing as it means you are moving with the times and you are definitely not alone in the experience.

It is recommended that you take extra time to rest, reflect, meditate, eat well and generally nourish yourself during these times and reach out to others when you need to. 
- Recommended reading regarding the changing energy – Gregg Braden’s – ‘Fractal Time’ and Bruce Lipton’s – ‘Spontaneous Evolution’. 

Love and blessings

Melissa x

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