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Friday Inspiration - 27 November 2009
By Melissa Bult

Releasing Attachments

Hello everyone,

For the last few weeks I have been contemplating what happiness actually is and how to detach from the illusions of happiness being reliant on the material things of this world.   I got the perfect opportunity last week to experience this further when I suddenly got sick and put into a hospital for the first time in my life to have abdominal surgery.  When I was in the hospital suddenly nothing in my material world mattered anymore, there was no need for my ‘things’ and I couldn’t even have food so I was down to the bare minimum.  A new wave of appreciation for the simple things became my saving grace, simply having visitors and restoring my health were the only things that mattered.   So today I want to talk about releasing our attachments.

It say’s in A Course in Miracles – ‘the world I see holds nothing that I want’ and for many people this statement will cause great resistance.  We live in a society of want, we want the perfect relationship, the career, the money, the status, the image, the fame, you name it and we want it.  There are books about how to get what you want, seminars you can go to that will teach you how to get what you want and of course multi-billion dollar industries that rely on us feeling bad about ourselves so that we will buy products to help us get what we want. 

There is a deep belief in our society that if we just had the right relationship, the perfect career, a nice house, car, financial freedom, a good body, a pretty face etc…then we will be happy.  We are a ‘when’ society – when I get this or do that then I’ll be happy. 

Now do not get me wrong, I like material things as much as the next person but I am continually working on releasing my attachment to them.  Things are just things they have no meaning but the meaning you give them.  They provide a temporary relief to the hole we feel inside of us that comes from being in the physical world but they will never satisfy what you are really seeking.

As long as you can be detached from all things you will find it no problem, it is attachment to things, ideas, relationships and images that cause us un-happiness.  You see happiness is not something you have to seek for, it is something you already have.  When you seek for happiness outside of yourself you forget your true nature and become un-happy, thus creating a no end cycle.  No-thing will ever truly satisfy you, that’s an illusion created by the ego.

The ego thrives on our attachment to this world.  The Buddha called this world one of suffering and suggested that they only way to get out of the suffering was to let go of the world.   Most true spiritual paths will encourage you to be free of your attachments in order to discover true happiness and enlightenment. 

I am not talking about giving up all your material possessions, being celibate and moving to the mountains.  I do not believe we are have to be poor or struggle to be enlightened.  But there is a difference between seeking the things of this world for your salvation and being able to free yourself from them for your salvation.  All aspects of life are designed to flow in and out in perfect harmony, the problems start when we get attached to them.  What you want most in life is what you should let go of and when you let you go there is more likelihood you are actually going to get them anyway. 

The only thing certain in this world is change and all of your circumstances could change at any time, you have no control over that (even if you think you do).  If you are reliant on having a certain image, a certain relationship or particular things in your world in order to create your happiness you will find changes in your life to be difficult. 

We are either placing our faith in something higher or we are placing it in the things of this world, we cannot do both.   Your life will either be based on inner power (your connection to your true self) or outer power (your ego self) and because what your ego creates is actually an illusion of the mind when you rely on your sense of power to come from the outside world (what you do, what you have, what other people think of you etc…) then you will surely remain in a state of fear and attachment.

I know for myself that I am no where near the achievement of being completely in my inner power, I swing back and forth all the time and I am hardly suggesting you need to be there either.  The idea of today’s inspiration is to get you to contemplate your attachments, if things changed tomorrow would you be ok or would it be devastating?   As we approach the most materialistic time of the year it is a good time to reflect on what is important to you and let go of the rest. 

Remember this – The ALL seeks nothing, strives for nothing and does nothing and yet leaves nothing undone. 

Love and blessings

Melissa x

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