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Friday Inspiration - 11 December 2009
By Melissa Bult

A Peaceful Mind

Hello everyone,

On Saturday I attended a talk by his Holiness the Dalai Lama.  Of course it was a very inspiring talk with a focus on ‘A Peaceful Mind’.  So in today’s inspiration I would like to share a little of what I learned.

I think it is fair to say we would all like to have a peaceful mind.  Today’s world is busier and more stress inducing than ever.  Peace of mind seems to be reserved for those who live in Monasteries or far away places that are removed from modern living.  But as the Dalai Lama pointed out we have to live in the 21st Century and be realistic, the peace of mind you find in meditation is great but you need to learn to hold that in the ‘real world’ as well.

So what is peace of mind?  Well that will vary from person to person but my understanding of it is being able to hold your mind in a constant balanced state no matter what is going on around you.  We are ok as long as things are going well in our world and then suddenly we hit a snag and we panic.   The Dalai Lama said the mind needs to be trained to achieve a constant state of peace. 

I know for myself over the years I have gotten better and better at handling the difficult times.   For me this is because of my strong foundation of faith and trust.  What we believe about ourselves and life makes for our foundation and we will respond to life based on those beliefs.  So when we choose good positive beliefs we are more likely to handle challenges better. 

Trust is a very important factor in creating Peace of Mind according to the Dalai Lama.  If we cannot trust ourselves, others or even something beyond this world then how can we be peaceful and create a peaceful world.  

We also need tolerance, acceptance and respect (especially of other people’s beliefs).  But most importantly we need compassion.  Accepting people as your brothers and sisters and truly wanting the best for them is vital in creating peace.   When we are intolerant and judgmental towards others we create separation which equals mistrust and fear.   Compassion on the other hand creates harmony, friendship, trust and love. 

Anger and hatred are dangerous to our survival whereas love, compassion and sharing are vital for our survival.  When we consider someone our enemy or wish them harm then we may get some short term satisfaction or reward from that experience but long term forgiveness and compassion will bring you true reward and happiness. 

This is also true when we seek for short term satisfaction through our senses.  We can focus on the outer world and what brings us instant satisfaction but this will only bring short term rewards.  Peace of mind must come from the mental level not the sensory level and will bring long term satisfaction.   We must focus more on our inner world rather than our outer world if we want to create a more peaceful mind. 

It is important for all of us to teach and demonstrate compassion now.  We must find a way to educate about moral ethics and encourage oneness rather than separation.  The world is evolving and it is completely possible for us to be a peaceful planet.  But we must be realistic… it will take work and commitment. 

The Dalai Lama also pointed out that women in particular have a big role in teaching and expressing compassion as they are naturally attuned to other people’s pain.  Female nature tends to be more sensitive and I believe that the feminine energy of both men and women will become more balanced and prominent in the years to come.

At this time of year when people are busy and stressed out we have the perfect opportunity to practice our tolerance and compassion towards others.   So if you feel inclined, follow the Dalai Lama’s wisdom and remember when you work towards creating a peaceful mind we get one step closer to a more peaceful world. 

Love and blessings

Melissa x

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