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Send Me An Angel - Woman's Day Magazine - Destiny Special 4th January 2010
By Melissa Bult
Angels are becoming very popular now days, yet they have been around since the beginning of time.  So who and what are Angels and why would we want to call upon them?

Angels are powerful, eternal spiritual beings that were created as the messengers, helpers and protectors of human kind. There have been stories of Angelic encounters told for centuries and everyone has Guardian Angels with them at all times whether they believe in them or not. 

There are many groups of angels but the main three we experience are: 1.Guardian Angels are specifically assigned to help and protect an individual, you could think of them as personal assistants that look after you and guide you on a daily basis. 
2. Angels are those who are not specifically assigned as to an individual, but will help whoever asks.  They also assist with world issues. 
3. Archangels are those who oversee all other angels, there are fifteen known Archangels.  When you require “very powerful” assistance you can call on them and they will answer immediately.  Some of the most well known Archangels are Archangel Michael (protection), Archangel Gabriel (communication), Archangel Raphael (healing) and Archangel Uriel (wisdom). 

Many people believe you require a special gift to communicate with Angels when in fact anyone can do it.  No special invocations are needed to call upon Angelic assistance, simply think the thoughts ‘angels I need help’ or say it out loud and know you have been heard.   

Once you call upon the Angels for help you must have detachment to the outcome.  You cannot dictate how you want things to turn out nor can you demand a time schedule for the results.  Every request for help is answered and working with the Angels is a co-creative relationship.  There is always effort on your part and “human steps” required in order to help yourself and the situation you are enquiring about.

Following your gut feelings and the ideas that come to you is essential because this is how angels generally answer.  If you feel inspired to take some form of sudden action such as phoning someone, reading a book, taking a particular class or even improving your health after you have asked for help, it is important to listen because they’re trying to lead you in the right direction.  Messages may come in the form of feelings, clear thoughts, visions or you may even hear them.   

People often ask how we tell the difference between an Angelic message and our own thoughts.  Well, Angelic messages are always positive, repetitive, simple, and loving in nature.  We can also ask for evidence in the form of “physical signs” to back up an Angel message and they’ll be happy to assist. 

It is important to note that angels respect our gift of ‘free will’ so they will not interfere in your life unless you ask them for help. However, the ‘free will’ law does not apply in a life or death situation where it is not our time to go and there are certainly countless stories of people who felt an angel was protecting them. 

Angels are here to help us live joyous and peaceful lives and although they cannot prevent us from learning lessons, they help us walk our life journey with as much love and grace as possible.  Once you invite the Angels into your life, you will never look back, so start calling on the Angels today and begin to experience their miracles. They’re literally waiting for your call and every call is answered.