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Friday Inspiration - 15 January 2010
By Melissa Bult

Welcome to 2010!


Hello everyone,

Firstly, Happy New Year to you all!  Welcome to 2010.  I hope your New Year is off to a good start.  Today I want to talk about themes for 2010 and how we can best approach and make the most of this year. 

I have received a lot of emails lately all discussing various themes for this year and as I sorted through all of them I found common threads, these threads also matched up to what I have felt 2010 to be about. 

So what are the Universal themes for 2010?

- A year of communication - especially of our truths, wisdom and dreams

- Creativity – not only to be creative but to create through your thoughts and feelings the life you having been 
visioning for yourself.   A common
  theme coming up with my clients at the moment is to create a plan for where they want to be in the next few years and to write, draw and use vision
  boards to put it ‘out there’ into the Universe. 

- To decide what you really want in your life and to go for it.  Look at your dreams and desires and the things you have been putting off.  Let go of your
   excuses and your fears and make a plan to go and do it. 

- To be true to yourself and acknowledge your feelings.

- 2010 is meant to be a fun year.  Taking time for balance and fun is really important.  Joy encourages a higher vibration so imagine if we were all
  allowing joy into our lives how high the planet would be vibrating! 

Now is the time to reflect on what you choose for the year ahead and how you can use your creativity to move towards it.  Last year was a tough year for many people and the energy was very intense.  All that you released last year has created a new space for new energy and new creation so embrace it. 

Here is some information I requested on the year in numerology from Woman’s Day Numerologist Michelle Buchanan. 

2010 is a ‘3 Universal Year’ for us all. This means it’s going to be a well deserved breath of fresh air after an interesting 2009. Be prepared for a light-hearted year of fun, activity and playful adventure; an especially exciting year for those who are naturally artistic and creative. And for those of us who aren’t, it’s the perfect time to give it a go!  2010 is the year to begin that creative endeavour you’ve been putting off for years. This is a year of creative expression. Our options are unlimited as any form of creative expression is encouraged in 2010. This will be doubly apparent for those in a 3 ‘Personal Year’ or with 3 in their ‘Six Core Numbers’.

2010 brings heightened sensitivity and the ability to communicate and empathise with others. It represents communication and verbal expression, so some of us will feel drawn towards public speaking, acting, singing, teaching, counselling or helping others through conversation and other forms of communication. However we must keep an eye on the challenging aspects of the 3 relating to verbal communication, such as criticism, gossip, complaining or using negative affirmations.

2010 will be a sensitive year at times where we’ll experience emotional highs and lows as we learn to express and speak our truth. Number 3 is the actor and entertainer, so we must try not to ‘overact’ or become overly dramatic. We must try to remain rational and grounded as we ride the highs and lows. There’ll be times when we’ll struggle to find the exact words to describe how we’re feeling and this will be frustrating, however we won’t be down for long as we’ll rediscover our sense of humour and our playful sense of fun. We’ll be more optimistic
than we were in 2009 and prefer to see the glass half full rather than half empty, as the 3 energy sends luck, good fortune and opportunity our way.

You can contact Michelle by going to or phoning 09 360 8960

Remember you will have your own themes playing out for 2010 in combination with the Universal ones.  Embrace all the opportunities for fun, learning and growth that are presented to you. 

So start your year off right by being true to yourself, acknowledge your dreams, decide to communicate more fully and introduce some creativity into your life.  Look at what blocks or fears might be holding you back and make a plan to move forward.  You can decide to make 2010 your best year yet! 

Love and blessings

Melissa x




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