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Friday Inspiration - 22 January 2010
By Melissa Bult

Order in Chaos
Hello everyone,
I have recently found myself in a situation that I never expected to experience.  What has been most challenging about it is the requirement for me to simply be and allow it to unfold as it is meant to unfold.  It has a feeling of chaos about it yet I have managed to be still in the midst of this chaos.  Chaos can be frightening, it is unpredictable and uncontrollable.  But what if chaos is one of our greatest opportunities for learning and growth?  I believe it is, so today I want to talk about order through chaos. 
The Buddha told us that ‘change’ is the nature of life and yet how many of us resist change?!  For many people change is their worst nightmare.  Most of us feel un-safe in the world for various different reasons and so we spend our life building ways to keep safe.  We feel that which we can control is safe for us and we go about trying to control as much as possible.  Even down to the basics such as building a career, having a home, ‘securing’ a relationship, eating and exercising to keep good health and making sure we have enough money for a rainy day. 
But life is always changing and moving and no matter how much we think we can control it, we cannot.  When things get out of control we see that as chaos.  The dictionary defines chaos as - a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order. 
Where many see chaos masters can see order for there is order in chaos even if we cannot see it.   The world has entered into a season of chaos, a time of great change and movement at a speed perhaps greater than ever before.  Look at your own life in the last few years and see how much has changed for you and the challenges you have had to face. 
We see things as chaotic because they do not fit with our plans or vision of how things should be.  Humans have created all of these rules for the Divine and we get annoyed because it does not play by those rules.   But when we can see the bigger picture and co-operate with the Divine we find a new flow in our life.  This is what masters know, they know that nothing happens by chance and the outcomes they experience are the correct ones. 
Our resistance to change is what causes us pain, not the actual event.  It is our idea that something is out of order that makes us feel helpless and powerless.  The plans for our life continue to unfold in the chaos even if we cannot see the way forward.  We have had seasons of ‘creativity’ and now we are experiencing seasons of ‘chaos.’
You can decide to view the reason for the chaos however you choose, no-thing is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ those are simply our judgements.   Many people think that if they invite the Divine into their lives, if they do the right thinking, feeling and believing then everything will come together and work out perfectly.  It is true that these things are important and opening yourself to the Divine and connecting with your spiritual self is an amazing experience but you do not get to control how it unfolds. 
When you invite the Divine into your life then life starts to play out in Divine order, not human order.  It will shatter your illusions and challenge you on many levels.  Spirituality will not stop chaos it is more likely to create it because the Divine works through an ordered chaos.
Someone sent me an email the other day about the earthquakes in Haiti.  It was suggested the following:
Haiti holds a spiritual consciousness tipping point in the world at this time. Its extreme poverty and collective consciousness reside at the lowest point of the scale of human experience. It has been their collective choice to offer the world this opportunity to raise the consciousness of all life on the planet through their earthquake experience.
Whether this is true or not I cannot say.  To us it looks as though nothing is in order but perhaps it is in perfect order.  It awakens us to realise we can no longer allow people to suffer in such poverty, it opens our hearts and brings us together in a cause.  (May we all offer our support and prayers to the victims at this time in anyway we can.)
So think about the times of chaos in your life and see the underlying order, how they caused your greatest growth and led you to where you are now.  When you are in chaos then hold a point within yourself that knows you will come through it and remember this “The will of God will never take you where the grace of God does not protect you.”
Love and blessings

Melissa x
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