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Friday Inspiration - 5 February 2010
By Melissa Bult

Your State of Being


Hello everyone,

Over the weekend I dealt with a wide range of emotions based on my reactions to the circumstances happening around me (and certainly not helped by a very full moon!).  At times I felt like I had no control over my feelings and yet I was reminded that we are always choosing how we respond to things.  So today I want to revisit the idea that we are choosing our state of being. 

It is stated in many spiritual philosophies that nothing means anything.  The only meaning something has is the meaning you give it.  We are always projecting our past experiences and understanding of life out into the world and these form our ‘view’ of reality and our reactions to that reality.  In any situation we are choosing what the reality means to us.   

But what is the true reality?  A Course in Miracles would tell us that there is no true reality in what we are experiencing as we are each making it up as we go along.  Most of what we experience in the physical world is in fact an illusion created within the mind and then projected out into the world. 

Nothing outside of you can cause you to experience anything that you are not choosing.  We are always choosing our state of being in every moment.  Whether we are choosing to be happy, sad, angry, frustrated, joyful, lonely, forgiving or kind, those are all states of being that we have available to choose from.

Remember you are a human-being, not a human-doing.  Your whole existence is based on what you are ‘being’ and not what you or anyone else is ‘doing.’  Often we think that if we could change our outer world then things would be better, when in fact it is only through changing our inner world that our outer world can be any different. 

In the book ‘Friendship with God’ by Neale Donald Walsh it is said that the great secret is - ‘You can choose a state of being-ness before something happens, just as you do after something happens.  Thus, you can create your experience and not simply have it.’

If you wish to be happy then choose to be happy, do not wait for someone or something in your outer world to make it so.  In doing this you are creating your state of being-ness and then attracting more happy experiences because of what you are projecting out in the world.  Happiness will be your experience.

This is not to say that we should suppress the feelings we do not want to experience because they are messengers for us to know how we are responding to the world around us.  We can however know that once we get that message we are free to choose to stay in that state of being or choose another one. 

It can be helpful to understand that feelings are responses but being-ness is a state you place yourself in.  When I remembered this during my influx of feelings over the weekend I was able to centre myself and choose again how I wanted to be in that moment.  The empowerment comes from knowing you have a choice, you are not simply at the mercy of your outer world circumstances.

We may be making some of our choices of being from an unconscious level, as though we are sleep-walking but we do have the choice to ‘wake-up’ and make more conscious choices.  Practicing meditation, contemplation and awareness are all helpful in increasing one’s ability to make more conscious decisions. 

In my experience choosing one’s state of being from a conscious level is not the easiest thing in the world to do or to maintain but I have found that it does get easier over time.  The more awareness you have about yourself and your outer world the more choice you have.  When we are aware we can choose to take responsibility for our state of being and therefore our actions, re-actions, thoughts and feelings. 


Love and blessings

Melissa x

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