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Angel Guidance Workshop
Get closer to your celestial helpers! This one day workshop will help you get to understand the angels better, learn to communicate with them more frequently and easily and develop tools to work with them everyday.
  • - Learn more about your personal guardian angels
  • - Learn techniques and tools to communicate with the angels and hear them more clearly
  • - Increase your intuition and clairvoyance
  • - Get to know the Archangels and how to call on them for help
  • - Experience deep meditations with the angels
  • - Learn about angel card reading
WORKSHOP OVERVIEW: [Click Here] for details
You Can Communicate With Angels!

Everyone is capable of connecting with the Angelic realm you just need to learn how.  There are no special gifts required to have a relationship with the angels, only a willingness and open heart.  Throughout history people have connected with angels and we are all attuned to Divine Guidance. 

Imagine…being able to receive divine guidance

The reality is the angels have been sending you messages all of your life through intuitive feelings and signs.  You may not have realized the importance of these messages and sometimes doubted them. Through the Angel Guidance Workshop, Melissa shares techniques that can help you understand the messages and impressions you receive from your angels. You too can start to create a two-way communication with them.
Learn simple and effective tools that really work and discover your intuitive side
During this 7 hour workshop, you will gain all the tools you need to communicate directly with your angels so you can experience them in all areas of your life.  You will discover the four ways to connect - Vision (Clairvoyance), Feelings and Intuition (Claircentience), Thoughts (Claircognizance) and Hearing (Clairaudience).  Find out which one of these talents is strongest in you and how to strengthen the others so that you can effectively connect with your angels. 
WORKSHOP OVERVIEW: [Click Here] for details

Angel Guidance Workshop
VENUE: Auckland Venue to be confirmed closer to the time.
COST: Normally $149  - special only $120! per person - Includes morning tea, please bring your own lunchPlease advise us if you have any special dietary needs or food allergies. 
Please Note! You will also require your own set of Angel Cards by Doreen Virtue for the workshop which you can purchase in at the workshop for  $30.00
Saturday 10 October 2009 (9am - 4pm) - [Register OnlineNow! - FULLY BOOKED - email Melissa ( for availability
Saturday 21 November 2009 (9am - 4pm) - [Register Online] - Sold Out
Saturday 23 January 2010 (9am - 4pm) -  [Register Online]
Wellington - Saturday 20 February 2010 (9am - 4pm) - [Register Online]
Saturday 27 March 2010 (9am - 4pm) - [Register OnlineNow!
Saturday 12 June 2010 (9am-4pm) - [Register OnlineNow!  - Sold Out
Saturday 16 October 2010 (9am-4pm) - [Register OnlineNow! - Special Price $120!
Saturday 26th February 2011 (9am-4pm)  - [Register OnlineNow! - SOLD OUT - new date coming soon.
Saturday 9th July 2011 (9am-4pm) - [Register OnlineNow! - SOLD OUT!
Taupo - Saturday 13th August 2011 (9am-4pm)  - [Register OnlineNow!  - SOLD OUT!
Sunday 25th September 2011 (9am-$pm) - [Register OnlineNow! 
Saturday 21st January 2012 (9am-$pm) - [Register OnlineNow! 
or CALL 09 528 6266 to reserve your seat.

About Melissa Bult
Melissa trained as an Angel Intuitive™ with Doreen Virtue PH.D with advanced skills.  Melissa is also a Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Naturopathic Consultant.  Trained with Australia’s leading coaching institute – The Coaching Institute and as a You Can Heal Your Life And Achieve Your Dreams’ teacher and coach, she combines her knowledge of physical healing with the healing that comes with working with the angelic and metaphysical realm.