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with Melissa Bult & Michelle Buchanan

Learn about “Numerology and Angels” - 2 of the most exciting topics in the spiritual realm …. All in ONE DAY!!!!

“Discover your destiny and life purpose and how the Angels can help you achieve it”

Melissa and Michelle are professional and genuinely gifted teachers who promise you a day that will stimulate and inspire you


·         Birth Day Number aka Day Born Number
Your talents and tendencies especially during your middle years of life

·         Life Path Number aka Birth Path or Birth Force Number
Your talents and abilities, the unique road you will travel your entire life

·         Destiny aka Expression Number
Your actual purpose in life, your mission or destiny

·         Soul’s Urge aka Hearts Desire or Soul Number
Your true motivation, what makes you feel complete

·         Personality Number aka Outer Personality Number
The external image you project, how others perceive you

·         Maturity Number aka Power or Attainment Number
What to expect from the 2nd half of your life, where you are going

·         Personal Year
The energy regarding situations and circumstances around you for the year


·         Who are the Angels and why call upon them
The different groups of angels and what each one does

·         How to work with the Angels
In every area of your life and for your soul purpose

·         Meeting your Guardian Angel
Meditation to connect with guardian angel and receive a message from them

·         Which Archangels relate to your numbers
For powerful assistance with your life purpose

·         How to increase your intuitive abilities to receive clear guidance
Learn how to decipher true messages from mind chatter
Sunday 31st October 2010 @ The Abel Tasman Hotel - 169 Willis St, Wellington
Sunday 7th November 2010 @ Otago Pioneer Woman's Hall - 362 Moray Place, Dunedin
Investment - $185.00
Time: 9am till 4.30pm
To book phone – 09 528 6266 or click here   for Wellington or
click here   for Dunedin