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Advancing Your Spirit
: Finding Meaning In Your Life's Journey (4-CD Set)
By Wayne W. Dyer and Marianne Williamson
My Review
Two of the great teachers and speakers of our time Marianne Williamson and Wayne Dyer together on this insightful CD!  This CD is both enlightening, entertaining and insightful.  I highly recommend it.

Self Esteem Affirmations - Motivational Affirmations for Building Confidence and Recognising Self-Worth (AudioBook)
By Louise Hay
My Review
I listen to this CD every night because it works on a subliminal level to get into the unconscious mind and change negative self-thoughts into positive and loving ones.  It has worked wonders on my self-esteem and it’s easy, I listen to it as I fall asleep and it will still work even if I am asleep.  I have had so many positive experiences with using affirmations I highly recommend them as a tool for positive change.  For best results the CD is best used for at least 30 days consistently when you first start using it.

Being in Light - Lectures Based on A Course In Miracles (Abridged AudioBook)
By Marianne Williamson

My Review
I have listened to these lectures by Marianne Williamson over and over because each time I do I feel like I reach a new level of enlightenment within myself.  The principles discussed on this CD come from A Course in Miracles and Marianne makes them easy to understand and apply in our everyday life.  If you want to understand more about who you are and why you are here this CD will certainly shed some light for you.  This is one of my favourites.

Journey Through The Chakras (Audio CD)
by Colette Baron-Reid
My Review
I use this meditation CD at least 3 times a week to help to keep my chakra system healthy and energized.  The CD takes about 45 minutes and leads you through some great visualizations to help you relax and rejuvenate.  Colette is very good at what she does and finishes the meditation with a beautiful song to lift your heart and soul. 
To purchase email Melissa - or phone 09 528 6266.  Retail Price $20

Amazing Grace
by Cecilia; Dr Wayne W. Dyer
My Review
I picked up this CD while on the Hayhouse ‘I can do it’ cruise earlier this year after hearing Wayne Dyer discuss it.  Wayne asked Cecilia to record all his favourite songs on one CD and with songs like ‘amazing grace’ and ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ this CD is one I listen to all the time.  It always lifts my heart and soul and Cecilia has the most incredible voice it is such a pleasure to listen.

Angel Medicine
by Doreen Virtue
My Review
On this 2 CD set Doreen takes you on a healing journey with the angels and on the other CD on a journey to Atlantis.  I thoroughly enjoy both these meditations and if you are wanting to get closer to the angels this is a great way to do it.

In the Om Zone (Audio CD)
by Steven Halpern
My Review
Steven is known as one of the greatest producers of spiritually based music.  He has an extensive range of music available but lately I have been particularly enjoying this CD for my meditations.  Featuring the Tibetan bowls and the chanting of the OM sound I find I relax and go into a really clear state quickly while listening to this music.  I thoroughly recommend anything by Steven Halpern. 

Excuses Begone!
By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
My Review
I was lucky enough to see Dr Dyer in Maui last year speaking about his newest book Excuses Begone and this CD set is a copy of what I experienced.  Recorded at the workshop in Maui, Dr. Dyer explains how we can let go of our limiting beliefs and old excuses to create the life we want, heal, move forward and let go of life long patterns.  Dr. Dyer is a delight to listen to and makes learning these profound teachings easy and fun. 
To purchase a copy of CDs or Book of Excuses Begone please email - or phone 09 528 6266 for prices and availablity.

Messages From Spirit CD's
By Colette Baron-Reid
My Review
These are the compainion CD's to Colette's book 'Messages From Spirit' and contain a series of powerful meditations to help you on the journey to becoming more in touch and aware of spirit in your life.  I listen to the affirmations on the last CD daily and use her meditations to boost my intuitive connection and awareness.  Easy to use and highly recommended. 
To purchase a copy email Melissa - or phone 09 528 6266.  Retail Price $40  

Intuitive Power CDs
By Caroline Myss
My Review
Caroline Myss is a dynamic speaker and this is no exception.  In this 4 CD set of a lecture on our Intuitive Power, Caroline explains how we are all profoundly intuitive but often ignore or avoid the messages we get.  She shatters some illusions and myths behind intuition and gives practical advice on how to use yours.  One of my personal favourites. 
To purchase email Melissa - or phone 09 528 6266.  Retail Price $40

Gifts of the Angels
By Steven Halpern
Chakra Suite
By Steven Halpern
My Review
I love Steven Halpern's CD's and these two are no exceptions.  'Gifts of the Angels' is a beautiful series of music that lifts your spirits and takes you on a journey with the angelic realm.  'Chakra Suite' is designed to resonate with your seven chakras for healing and clearing.  Both CD's are highly recommended meditation music or for simply relaxing. 
CD's can be purchased through and listen online at