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Enchanted Love: The Mystical Power Of Intimate Relationships
By Marianne Williamson
My Review
This beautiful book features many principles from A Course in Miracles.  It examines what it means to have an enchanted love and discusses the ‘Holy relationship’ vs. the ego based ‘special relationship’.  I love the prayers featured in each chapter to help you to clear your fears and past pain and be totally and unconditionally loving of another person.  If you want to understand how to truly love then this is the book to read! 

Change Your Thoughts
- Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao
By Dr Wayne Dyer
My Review
I have heard Wayne Dyer give a lecture about his experience of living the Tao and was very moved by what had occurred for him.  The book makes it easy to understand the principles of this very ancient and wise text (the Tao) and Wayne Dyer adds his own personal wisdom and experience to the mix.  If you want to walk a path close to the Source then this is a great book to read and live by.
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Thoughts, Prayers, Rites of Passage
By Marianne Williamson
My Review
This is my daily prayer book.  To be honest to when I read the prayers I was resistant to them but once I surrendered and started working with them daily I found a whole new sense of freedom and peace come into my life.  I can not express enough how powerful prayer can be and these prayers are beautifully written and very loving in nature. 

You Can Heal Your Life
By Louise Hay
My Review
Once of the first books I ever read of spiritual nature, it lives by my bed at all times and I am always referring to it.  Louise’s concepts are simple, loving and easy to work with.  And best of all when you really devote yourself to the principles, they work!  If you want to begin to heal your life then this book holds many great keys to helping you move through barriers and create the life you deserve. 
To purchase a copy email Melissa - melissa@angelguidance.netor phone 09 528 6266.  Retail price $27.00

A Course in Miracles
By Foundation For Inner Peace
My Review
This book contains some of what I consider to be the greatest spiritual principles to live by.  It looks and feels a bit like a bible but that is where the similarities end.  This book is so filled with love each time I read from it I feel instantly lifted to a higher place within my-self.  It contains the main text, the students manual (365 lessons for the year) and a teachers manual.  If you are wanting to walk down a loving and understanding path in this world then I highly recommend A Course in Miracles.  It does talk a lot of God, The Holy Spirit and is said to be channeled from Christ but it is in no way a religion based text.  I absolutely love this book.

Entering The Castle
By Caroline Myss
My Review
Caroline Myss takes you on a journey to discover the inner workings of your soul through the work of Saint Teresa of Avila.  Exploring the inner paths to the soul and to God in order to heal and move forward with humility and commitment to one's path.  I found this book both inspiring and motivating with practical exercises that push you to go inward and really look at yourself.   If you are trully ready to walk your path and be of service then this book is for you.  To purchase a copy email Melissa - or phone 09 528 6266.  Retail Price $33.00

The Miracles Of Archangel Michael
By Doreen Virtue
My Review
Archangel Michael has been my constant compainion for the last 10 years and although I thought I knew him well I was thrilled by the chance to experience more of him in this delightful book.  Doreen Virtue has collected stories of people's experience with this amazing Archangel and you will be both inspired and excited by what you read.  There is also information on how to know Archangel Michael is with you and how to call upon his assitance.  This book will encourage to invite this loving and powerful Archangel into your life everyday! 
To purchase a copy email Melissa - melissa@angelguidance.netor phone 09 528 6266.  Retail Price $28.00

Messages From Spirit
By Colette Baron-Reid
My Review
This is a book I am constantly recommending to my clients because it is comprehensive, easy to follow and full of great wisdom on how to connect with spirit and understand the language of spirit.  I am always referring to my copy thanks to the amazing reference area at the back of the book to help you find the meanings for symbols and signs you receive from spirit and the angels.  Colette is a fantastic intuitive with lots of wisdom and experience to share.  I highly recommend this book.  
To purchase a copy email Melissa - melissa@angelguidance.netor phone 09 528 6266.  Retail Price $30

In Your Dreams
By Mary Summer Rain
My Review
Dreams are so important and since I started taking mine very seriously I have found this comprehensive dream dictionary extremely helpful. 
To purchase a copy email Melissa - melissa@angelguidance.netor phone 09 528 6266.  Retail Price $55.00

When Everything Changes Change Everything
By Neale Donald Walsh
My Review
This is the newest book by the author of the famous 'Conversations With God' series of books.  The Conversations series was a great help to me on my spiritual and healing journey and so I was eager to get a copy of Neale's latest book.  This book is extremely relevant to the state of our world right now where things seem to change so quickly and many people are feeling a sense of upheaval.  Neale presents the ideas and tools to deal with change in a form that is easy to understand and apply to your life right now.  Highly recommended. 
To purchase a copy email Melissa - melissa@angelguidance.netor phone 09 528 6266.  Retail Price $39.00

Shine Forth - The Soul's Magical Destiny
By William Meader
My Review
As William Meader points out every human being is destined to become a spiritual magician.  In his fantastic book Shine Forth, William explains the esoteric teachings of our soul's journey in a way that is easier to understand than many books I have encountered.  If you are ready to take your learning experience to another level and to understand your soul's purpose and destiny then this a great book.  William regularly visits NZ to teach workshops and give talks.  For more information check the recommended events page often and visit
To purchase a copy email Melissa - melissa@angelguidance.netor phone 09 528 6266.  Retail Price $45. 

Fractal Time
By Gregg Braden
My Review
In his latest book Gregg Braden explores the 2012 question with his fantastic mix of science and spiritual understanding.  Although there is lots of scientific discussion in this book I found it easy enough to follow and the research is very through.  Unlike many works on 2012 which can range from frightening to very un-grounded, this book gives everything from the information found in ancient texts to scientific discoveries and how the they fit together to show patterns and un-lock codes to where the world is headed.  A fascinating read. 
To purchase a copy email Melissa- melissa@angelguidance.netor phone 09 528 6266.  Retail Price $30.00.  Can also be purchased as a book on CD.

When God Spoke To Me
By David-Paul Doyle
My Review
A wonderful collection of stories by those who have been touched by the Divine.  This book is powerful and inspiring - reminding us that miracles are indeed very real.  A fantastic addition to your book collection it is easy to pick up and enjoy whenever you want a boost of Divine inspiration.  For mor information you can visit www.thevoiceforlove.comor to purchase go to

The Lost Lands - A Magickal History of Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon
By Lucy Cavendish
My Review
A joy to read this book covers a huge amount of information on the ancient lands Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon.  I have always held a great fascination for these places and find this book highly informative.  Lucy has really done her research as well as incorporating her own intuitive data.  A well rounded and very interesting read which I highly recommend if you have any interest in these ancient civilisations. 
To purchase a copy email Melissa - melissa@angelguidance.netor phone 09 528 6266.  Retail Price $45. 

Defy Gravity - Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason
By Caroline Myss
My Review
Caroline Myss has done it again with another intelligent and powerful book.  If you have ever wanted to understand healing at it's deepest level this is the book to read.  The book states - You can heal any illness. You can channel grace. And you can learn to live fearlessly.  This book certainly lives up to it's reputation.  A must read for anyone in the healing field, anyone who is in need of healing or anyone on a serious spiritual path.  Highly recommended reading. 
To purchase a copy email Melissa - or phone 09 528 6266.  Retail Price $30