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Angel Readings
Angel readings involve the use of angel oracle cards which help give a picture of what guidance the angels have for you in response to your current situations or questions. You can either choose a direct question or an area of your life you wish to focus on or you can simply request the angel's guidance on your life in general.

I will tune into the angelic realm including your personal guardian angels and the Archangels to pass on the messages they have for you. I do this through what I hear, see, feel and my thoughts as the angels give me the information.

Angel readings are less about seeing into the future, and more about following the guidance that your angels give you in the present to create the future you desire. They provide you with insightful information and support to deal with your current circumstances and to lead you to your dreams. Angel readings are - loving, powerful and uplifting.

One hour - $99

Email - $79
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The Angels
The word Angel means messenger of God and that is precisely what angels are, messengers and helpers.
Everyone has guardian angels and these angels never leave your side. It does not matter what you have done or what you believe, you will always have angelic assistance in your life.

There are three main types of angels
Guardian angels the angels assigned just to you. Not to be confused with Spirit Guides.
Angels  beings of light that help answer our calls for guidance, protection, assistance and comfort.
Archangels  the angels that supervise the guardian angels and angels. You can call on an Archangel for powerful and immediate assistance. Archangel Michael is probably the most well know of the Archangels. There are 15 Archangels.
The angels have a great wish to assist you, they are always standing by to help you achieve your dreams and deal with any difficult situations in your life. Anyone can call on the angels at anytime for anything, the point is that you must call on them for they cannot interfere in your life without your permission. The only time they will intervene without your request is in a life or death situation when it is not your time.