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'Heal Your Life' Workshop Overview
The first day is spent getting back in touch with your real self. This is an opening up process, getting back in touch with parts of ourselves including thoughts and feelings we may not have had for a long time. Day two builds on this work, the changes are already taking place and we can go to a deeper level.
Techniques include:

  • Meditation and mental exercises
  • Non-dominant hand drawing
  • Affirmation bath, being engulfed by positive messages from others
  • Mirror work
Day One
  • Understanding the philosophy of Louise Hay
  • Inner child and "authentic" self
  • Mirror work
  • Identify and release old limiting beliefs and negative emotions
  • Examine the mind/body link and what is going on in your own body
  • Affirmations and exercises for health and healing
  • The essential guide to loving yourself
Day Two
  • Family dynamics
  • Safe anger releasing
  • Forgiveness
  • Open yourself up to an abundance of love
  • What work would really make you happy
  • Use affirmations and positive thought to support yourself and create the life you want
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