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Angel Reading Review
Article by Je t’aime Hayr - Gloss Magazine and Girls Day Out 365 
I had no idea what to expect from my Angel Reading, but it turned out to be a truly fascinating experience…
Melissa Bult shuffled her angel oracle cards and then created two lines of cards – one with Goddess cards and one with Angel cards, laying a handful of each in a line across the table…
She turns to me and says with a smile, “Are you wanting to have a baby?” “N-O spells NO!” I replied adamantly, before we both burst out laughing. She pointed out to me that I had a Fertility card in both card lines as my first card – indicative of the fact that I had my future babies ‘hanging around’. Melissa advised me if I was not ready for children, then to be extra careful, although ultimately it was their decision when they would come through.
But it’s not just about babies – Melissa explained that fertility cards are also tied in with new growth and changes, and the angels are telling me it is time for me to think of the most amazing things I would like in my life and that now is a fertile time for me to make dreams happen. Exciting!
Angel Readings are less about seeing the future, and more about guidance; in other words, telling you what you need to hear to have the kind of future you want and deserve. And, as it turned out my guardian angels had plenty of words of wisdom for me… The angels showed her a tree with branches coming off it to demonstrate new growth and new life – in both career and personal life.
Later Melissa reveals I have been lucky to have ‘the angel of abundance’ card, which indicates a flow of money as well as positive relationships and energy. I am encouraged to ‘let help in and to go with my instincts’, because I am blessed with strong intuition but need to learn to trust it more. I have also been instructed to have quiet time every day to allow my brain to de-scramble – sage advice, ‘scrambled’ can be a good way of describing my mental state on occasion!
Here it gets interesting – the angels tell me to I need to take action and start delegating… and indeed, it’s true that I have fantastic ideas that I am afraid to follow because I am busy. They also tell me to learn to trust other people with things. Truer words of advice could not be spoken. As a perfectionist I take on too much and end up stressed out. And I know I have trust issues.
I am told to focus my intentions on where I want to go, that I should write in a journal and put my goals and ideas down on paper. I am also told that it is time to let go of old anxieties and I can then look forward to a bright, joyous future and achieving my dreams. Great advice angels!
Am I a believer? Yes. There were a few times during my angel reading where I felt quite spooked by revelations of certain unique aspects of my personality and struck by the recognition of various changes in my life. So they do know me after all! I have always believed that there is more to life than meets the eye, and have had instances of profound connections with the spiritual realm in my own life, so talking to angels seems perfectly logical for someone who is in tune with unseen forces.
I left Melissa Bult’s Angel Reading session feeling inspired to fantasise about my dreams, focused to make them happen, and comforted in the knowledge that I can call on my guardian angels in moments of need. A truly delightful experience.

Article by Je t’aime Hayr - Gloss Magazine and Girls Day Out 365