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Friday Inspiration - 12 September 2008
By Melissa Bult

Attack Is A Call For love
When I enquired about what I was meant to write this week’s inspiration on I was simply shown many signs that it needed to be about the illusion of attack.  Not only was I witness to some attacks (the scathing attacks on TV 2’s program ‘Sensing Murder’ and the unnecessary and personal attacks on the mediums involved) but also I was aware of a personal attack on me and potential for more of them in the future.   As always I wanted to learn how to better deal with ‘attack’ and here is what I discovered. 
Firstly, the public attacks on ‘Sensing Murder’ got me thinking about how it is great to express our opinions and acknowledge our belief systems but there is just no call for personal attacks on anyone.  If you want to question things then great, it is important that we question things.  However, just because you do not believe in something there is no need to attack it. 
The point I am trying to make here is that all attack comes from fear.  When we feel sure of who we are and what we believe we have no need to attack others for their beliefs.  We might question things but that is very different to declaring something is right or wrong and being nasty about it in the process. 
On another note I found out that someone had said some unkind things about me last week and in that person’s presence I was very aware that I was being energetically attacked.  To start with I began to feel defensive towards this person and fearful of what they could do to me.  However, I soon remembered that all attack is a call for love.  If someone is cruel, abusive, mean, jealous, rude or negative towards you it is not because of you, it is because of how they feel about themselves.  A Course in Miracles suggests that when someone does something un-loving then that is the time you must extend them the most love you can.  When a person is in the dark then you must turn on the light in order to heal that situation. 
We are not separate, there is only one of us here, and so all attack is self attack.  It cannot be anything else.  Why would we want to do that to ourselves?  I pointed out to someone over the weekend that if a person wants to say negative things about me it is because they have forgotten who they are, that is the only reason we would ever be tempted to hurt another person.  When you love yourself and you see the love in others (which is their true essence), you do not fear them and so you have no purpose to want to hurt them. 
So what do you do when someone tries to ‘hurt’ you?  A Course in Miracles would say you cannot be hurt and so show them nothing but your wholeness, show them that they cannot hurt you and hold nothing against them or against yourself.  This is the true meaning of ‘turning the other cheek’.  In my own experience I have become much more compassionate of such things.   If someone has the need to lash out at you then they are in pain and when someone is in pain then they need your love, not your judgment.  (And there is a lesson for you to learn in the situation!)  So if someone does this to you, send them blessings, this person they are being is not who they really are.  Be the highest you can be so that they may be the highest they can be. 
We believe that when people are nice to us we are happy and that when people are not nice to us we are un-happy.  But the truth is what we believe in our own hearts is what makes us happy or un-happy.  To say that a person hurt you is to deny your own innocence and buy into your own guilt.  It tempts you to shut down your light and forget who you are and that is what causes you pain, not what that person has ‘done’.   If we choose to meet a person’s fear with fear then we will both be lost in our own hell. 
If you remember nothing else in the face of ‘attack’ remember this – Only Love Is Real, all else is an illusion created by you ego mind and you can change your perception.  In changing your perception you create miracles and miracles heal the world. 
Quote of the week - ‘Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.’ – Mark Twain.
Have a fantastic week.  Loads of love and blessings to you all and keep shinning your light!
Melissa x
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