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Friday Inspiration - 19 September 2008
By Melissa Bult

I Believe In You
This week’s inspiration is one from the archives.  In fact this will be the third time I have sent this message out.  It was originally written for a friend of mine but I was advised at the time to send it to everyone and it has since become one of my favourite inspirations. 
Why am I sending it this week?  A mixture of battling with my own self-doubts and witnessing many others battle with their own, I was guided to put out the re-minder that we are all perfect Divine beings.  The message is two fold because you are saying it to yourself but you are also saying it to others and because we are all One this is powerful indeed. 
I Believe In You… 
I believe you are a Great and Wise Soul with a special purpose – a purpose that greatly contributes to the world.  Everything you need to know is already within you.
I believe you are Beautiful in all ways.  Beautiful – both inside and out.  You have the ability to see beauty in all things for you are beautiful yourself.
I believe you are the Truth.  Truth is your true nature.  You know the truth of all things and you are able to walk and talk your truth easily.
I believe you are courageous.  For you have always been able to cope with each situation that has presented itself to you.  This is as true of your future as it is of your past.
I believe you are Grateful.  For all your experiences and all that you have everyday, in everyway.
I believe that you are Joyful.  Because you know that Joy is what you deserve in all areas of your life.  To be joyful is your true nature.
I believe you have Compassion.   You are compassionate to all living things and to yourself.
I believe you are Powerful.  You use your power wisely and from a place of love in everything you do.  You have the power to create your world any way you choose.
I believe that you are Peaceful.  You are here to bring peace to this planet in your own way by recognizing the peace that resides in your own heart. 
I believe you are already Perfect exactly as you are.  As how can a Divine creation be anything but perfect. 
I believe you are The Light.  You are a guiding light for others in all ways.  You have been given talents to shine your light in many ways for the benefit of all and you shine brilliantly.
I believe you are LOVE.  Your Soul knows nothing but love.  You are a loving being who can give and receive love easily, knowing that there is an endless supply of love and that love is the most powerful thing that exists. 
I believe in you. Your angels believe in you.  Will you believe in yourself? 
I can only tell you what I believe.  What you believe is up to you. 
Let’s create a world where we all believe in each other. 
“I have sent you nothing but angels” – ‘Conversations with God, Book 2’ - by Neale Donald Walsh
Have an amazing weekend.  An abundance of love, light and blessings to you all, always! 
Melissa x
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