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Friday Inspiration - 29 August 2008
By Melissa Bult

Inner Guidance
The last couple of weeks for me have been themed around listening to my inner guidance with absolute faith.  Now, I have been listening to this all my life but in more recent times I have learned to rely on it more heavily than ever before.  Our inner guidance is like a compass or map we are given in this lifetime, but how many of us choose to ignore it and remain lost instead?!  So today I want to discuss how to use your inner guidance and what it is all about.
Many people may suggest that guidance is just woo woo and that’s fine if you want to believe that, but in my book I know how powerful it is so I would rather be woo woo than anything else!  Often called the sixth sense, a gut feeling or intuition, this inner guidance system is like your own inner genius.  I like to think of it as the way my higher self speaks to me, that really knowing and sensitive part of myself, the part that is connected to everyone and everything in creation.  I guess you could also say it is like the soul’s way of communicating. 
You know things and you feel things but how many of you right it off as a load of rubbish?  Most people say to me ‘how do I know that I am getting guidance?’ and that can be a hard one because for me, I have just always known because it is an unmistakable sense of things.  However, there are ways to increase your level of connection to this part of yourself.  Firstly, you need to understand the opposite to your intuition – the ego.  The ego wants nothing more than to remain in control so it will use your rational mind to make sense of what you may have just felt or sensed.  The personality rationalizes what comes through and chooses to do what It believes will serve it most, regardless of how you may be ‘feeling’ about it. 
For example I was battling between ‘wanting’ to do something recently and ‘knowing’ what I needed to do.  My intuition (and my guides and angels) said without a doubt that I needed to take option A but my personality wanted to take option B because it was self serving and the motivation was based in control.  I went with option A because I know there will be a good reason for it and it is based in a state of love and service.
You can get better connected to your intuition through the following activities:
-          exercise (grounding and increases oxygen flow)
-          spending time outdoors in nature (where the energy is much higher/clearer)
-          meditating
-          quiet time/down time
-          high level of awareness and being present in the moment, paying attention
-          having a healthy diet and lifestyle
-          getting enough sleep/rest
-          listening to your feelings and listening to your body
-          keep your thoughts and feelings at a high vibration and positive
-          paying attention to your dreams
-          Writing things down as they come to you (even if they don’t make sense at the time)
-          Asking your angels and guides to assist you
Guidance can come in many forms - a song (on the radio or in your mind), a TV program, a book, through another person, as a clear thought, through your feelings, signs, etc.   The most important thing is to pay attention.  I am of the thinking that nothing (and I mean nothing) happens by chance, that all is in a Divine and perfect order all the time so I tend to notice synchronicity. 
Your intuition will come through in a positive form, even if it is warning you of danger.  How many of us know when we need to leave a certain job or relationship because we can just ‘feel it’ but our mind rationalizes that we must stay because of reasons A, B and C.  We ask ‘what is on the other side of me listening to my intuition in this situation?’  Well that is where trust comes in.  Trust is a huge factor when listening to your own inner guidance. 
People who use their intuition do so because they trust it, they know it is practical, saves time, connects things together and even improves relationships.  It also relieves you of worry! 
If you look up the word intuition in the dictionary it will say that it means ‘to notice’ or ‘to pay attention’ – it is really as simple as that.  It is not some special gift but rather a tool you have been given to help you navigate your life path successfully.  Sometimes there is nothing you need do but wait and let the Universe guide you.   Your ego will be all about what you need to do and your soul will be all about knowing it will unfold perfectly as it is meant to, action will be taken when and where it is needed and you will be guided which steps to take.
To get more in-tune with your inner guidance system you must learn to expect miracles, feed your soul and pay attention.  There are plenty of courses, meditation programs and books to help you get more connected and to understand this powerful tool.  With intuition the more you use it, the stronger it gets so work those intuitive muscles and start trusting today. 
Affirmation - “I am infinitely guided in all ways and my hearing, seeing, feeling and knowing increases everyday.”
Have a fantastic weekend.  Sending you an abundance of love, light and blessings.
Melissa x
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