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Friday Inspiration - 8 August 2008
By Melissa Bult

Who Are You Really?
I was looking in the mirror last week when it suddenly occurred to me to ask the question – Who am I?  I have of course asked this question before but it has been awhile since I explored it.  So I thought I would discuss the idea in this week’s inspiration.
Who are you?  That is quite a big question to ask.  We have so many ideas about who we are but do we really know.  Firstly it is probably best to look at who you are not.  You are not - your material possessions, your job or your career, your family, your children, your partner or your friends.   We have so many labels for ourselves – whether it is as simple as male/female, mother/father, son/daughter or even our job titles – doctor, lawyer, teacher…etc.  But these are all just labels, they are not who we really are.
Then we break it down and we start to believe we are our personalities.  We identify ourselves by our ‘personality traits’ either judged by us or what we are told by other people.  You say to yourself or others – I am smart, bossy, fun, stubborn, caring, honest, reliable, organized, driven, bubbly, shy, unmotivated, lazy, happy, pessimistic, loving, kind, romantic, etc.  You may even say I am this way or that way because of my astrology, my numerology or my upbringing.
On top of all of this we will create what we believe to be an attractive personality in order to feel good enough or accepted.   Trying to be what you think others would like rather than just being yourself, will only ever keep you in a state of fear and low self-esteem.   It is good to know your personality and your personality has a purpose but it is not who you are.
As well as the material world and our personality, we are really identified by how we look physically.  We might say I am tall, short, fat, thin, blonde, brunette, blue eyed, brown eyed, pretty, plain or sexy.  A huge amount of attention is paid to this identity, how we look is generally pretty important to us.  But we are not our physical appearance either. 
Many things are created to form a platform for our soul’s experience.  Your personality is a tool but it is not who you are in truth.  The career you choose, your experiences, relationships and appearance are all part of your learning in this lifetime and they all have a purpose. 
As human beings we like to label things and give them a sense of identity and there is nothing wrong with that but we need to not get attached to the labels and identities.  We have a tendency to hide behind our labels, beliefs and ideas about who we are and this only keeps us in a state of fear.  Being un-attached gives you more space to experience, to learn and to grow.  
So if you are not what you do, who you know, what you have, what you look like or your personality, who are you?!  That is a question only you can answer for yourself, however I will tell you that you are much more than you could possibly imagine!  Choose not to be bogged down by labels or ideas about who you are or who anyone else is for that matter.  Instead open your mind and your heart to discovering a deeper sense of yourself, your connection to the ALL and your Divinity.  
Love all aspects of yourself and never struggle to be who you think you should be or could be and instead just BE.  The artist Michelangelo believed that the statue was already in the piece of marble and all he had to do was chip away at the excess.  So it is for you, because the perfect you is already in there, you do not need to manufacture it.  You need do nothing for in the mind of the ALL you are perfect. 
“You are in every moment deciding WHO YOU ARE.”  - From ‘Conversations with God’ by Neale Donald Walsh.
Have an amazing weekend!  Lots of love and blessings to you all.
Melissa x
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