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Friday Inspiration - 1 August 2008
By Melissa Bult

Learning To Trust
As usual my week has had a theme to it.  It started at my workshop in Wellington last Saturday.  One thing that I really wanted to get across to the participants is how important it is that you learn to trust, especially trusting your own inner guidance.  This is not always the easiest thing to do and I had an opportunity to re-focus my level of trust that very afternoon.  With the stormy weather that was coming, my mother and I were concerned we would not make it back to Auckland Saturday night.   Our flight was due to leave Wellington at 7pm but we ended up at the airport at 4.30pm.  We had already checked the possibility of getting an earlier flight and were told we would have to buy a new ticket at a very expensive rate.  After we got to the airport my mother suggested she would just ask about other flights and see what happened, despite my protests (and lack of trust) that there was no way they would change it and put us on an earlier flight.  But it turns out I was wrong and they did!  We had no reason to fear that we wouldn’t make it home ok and everything worked out perfectly, a good lesson in trusting!
Why is it so hard for us to trust?  As children we are so trusting but as we grow older we start to doubt more and look for ways to control the outside world so that we know what is going to happen at all times.  That kind of control is of course impossible and wanting to control things only leads us to feel stress and pain.  I used to be a complete control freak, but then I started to understand that there was a greater power at work that I could rely on and allow into my life.  When I was controlling things I was always residing in a place of fear, once I surrendered to the process of life and allowed myself to be guided I stopped being so afraid.
Generally if we are in a state of fear we will struggle to trust.   Fear blocks us and make us feel paralyzed, forcing us to look for security in external things like relationships, money, career and material possessions.  When we can acknowledge our fears we create a space to overcome them and open ourselves up to trusting our higher self and the process of life. 
In my experience trusting comes with time and practice.  To start with we may feel afraid of taking a step forward into the unknown, for example following our own intuitive guidance.  You may decide to follow the guidance but part of you will still doubt and that’s ok.  The more you listen and trust the more proof you create and the power of your trust increases.   I love one of Louise Hay’s affirmations that states – “I trust the process of life to lead me to my greatest good”.  
There is a deep fear that if we surrender and trust our life might fall apart but we have no proof to back that up.  But I once asked myself - would I rather live in a drawn out state of fear or would I rather take a leap of faith and trust that I will land safely.  After all, we have more support, more wisdom and more love available to us than we could possibly know and when we can align ourselves to understanding and trusting this, miracles can occur. 
With Trust, the rest falls easily into place.’ 
‘As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.’Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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All my love
Melissa x
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