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Friday Inspiration - 18 July 2008
By Melissa Bult

Taking Time Out
Over the weekend I was very lucky to visit a retreat centre called Te Moata which is about 10 minutes out of Tairua (on the Coromandel).  So what I want to talk about today is my experience there and what l learned. 
The first thing I noticed being at Te Moata is how quiet it is there.  It has been ages since I have ventured out of the city and I had forgotten what it was like to experience real silence.   It seems to come up frequently when I do angel readings for clients that they need to spend time in complete quiet.  Now it is known that readers often receive messages for themselves while giving readings, this is called a ‘cledon’ (a term dating from ancient Rome for when you receive a message via a message for someone else or through another person).  In my readings I of course wholeheartedly agree with the angels on how important it is to spend quiet time for healing and reflection but then forget to do it myself!  So the beautiful quiet presence of Te Moata was a huge wakeup for me.
We do not often realize when we live in the city how noisy it is all the time!  The silence I experienced at Te Moata was almost pressing on me, drawing out stress and increasing my awareness.  I can see why many people avoid quiet time because it forces us to look at things that we would rather avoid with distractions like T.V., music, socialising, internet, etc.  In fact after about an hour (although I was talking to my friend Sarah off and on) I was ready to turn on a T.V!  
I was really surprised by how much the silence unnerved me and forced me to look at things that perhaps I had been avoiding.  Plus it was a big reminder to take my own advice.   Quiet time, true quiet time is really important to us.  It is in this space that we can really de-stress, hear our inner voice or that of our angels and guides and connect with ourselves on a higher level.  When we are busy blocking our feelings and stresses out by distracting ourselves we cannot truly process them and release. 
It is not only the silence but also the energy of such a clean, green and beautiful environment.  The energy of Te Moata is like none of have experienced before.  There is such a sense of Divine love and purity about it.  Just being there was a healing experience without having to do any processes.  There is a labyrinth which can be walked, a stream, bush walks, gardens, a fire circle, and beautiful a meditation room.  After walking the labyrinth in silence my brain just stopped and for once I had nothing to say! 
Te Moata runs on solar power and is all about sustainability.   It is a sanctuary for people and a sanctuary for nature.  It truly touches your heart.  After being in this environment for less than 24 hours I was already feeling refreshed, energized and more in my power again.   Being in nature and taking time out in a truly quiet and peaceful environment is essential to our wellbeing.  Being at Te Moata was a very stern reminder from my angels of how important this is. 
Even if you cannot get out of the city, in Auckland we are lucky to have the beautiful Waitakere ranges which are about a half hour from the city.   A simple bush walk or visit to a beach can do wonders for you!   Wherever you live it is essential to take regular time out in nature to clear your energy, revive and re-connect. 
More on Te Moata from my friend Sarah Peni:
Te Moata translates to - 'The First Light' it is a place of beauty, stillness and simplicity.  Te Moata Retreat Center is situated 6km North West of Tairua in protected and regenerating native bush.  Te Moata has evolved over the past 20 years into a Safe, Heart-centered space which is welcoming to all who seek personal healing and growth, and who wish to live in harmony with the environment.   The Te Moata trustees and wider community are actively involved in fundraising to transfer the land and buildings into public ownership.  The Te Moata Charitable Trust has been established to secure the land and ensure the perpetuity of this sanctuary for future generations. If you would like further information about Te Moata or are able to make a financial or service contribution to fundraising activities please contact the fundraising office at    From my personal experience The land of Te Moata is so rich and pure that it touches your heart, and opens all who walk in her beauty to the Divine essence within all things.  Te Moata offers regular silent retreats, and community events and is committed to inviting highly respected local and international teachers.  Participants come from all spiritual traditions. More information can be found on the Te Moata website
In Love and Light Sarah.
Have a fantastic weekend everyone.  Get out and enjoy some peace and quiet in nature! 
Love and light to you all
Melissa x
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