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Friday Inspiration - 11 July 2008
By Melissa Bult

The Wisdom Of Water
Today’s inspiration starts with one of the verses of the Tao Te Ching.  Tao meaning “the way”, Te as “the shape and power” and Ching meaning “book.” This very ancient book of 81 verses was written by Lao-tzu in around the 6th century BCE.  It is regarded by many scholars as one of the wisest books ever written. 
This is the 8th verse as taken from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book ‘Change your thoughts- change your life – living the wisdom of the Tao.’ 
The supreme good is like water,
which nourishes all things without trying to.
It flows to low places loathed by men.
Therefore, it is like the Tao.
Live in accordance with the nature of things.
In dwelling, be close to the land.
In meditation, go deep in the heart.
In dealing with others, be gentle and kind.
Stand by your word.
Govern with equity.
Be timely in choosing the right moment.
One who lives in accordance with nature
does not go against the way of things.
He moves in harmony with the present moment,
always knowing the truth of just what to do. 
You are 75% water and your brain is 85% water.  We need water and it is one of our greatest resources.  Water is almost magical.  And after reading this verse of the Tao I got to thinking about living as water lives.  You cannot hold it, if you try to it eludes you.  But if you simply relax your hand into it, you can experience it.  It is similar to life.  If we try to force things to happen in our life, if we try to control – then things elude us.  However if we allow things to be as they are naturally and commit to flowing with life then we get to experience it. 
Water shows us wisdom.  It lays low, choosing to stay below the level of the land and allows all things to flow to it.  It does not plan to quench our thirst or provide our land with moisture for growth, it is simply doing its purpose.  If water stays stationary then it starts to get stagnant, but if allowed to flow it stays pure.  We are the same.  If we stay stationary or stuck we become stagnant in our growth but if we flow with life we continually open new doors of opportunity and experience.  Water teaches us to be humble and to simply be what we are rather than trying to do things. 
Wayne Dyer say’s in ‘Change your thoughts – change your life.’  – When you’re free to flow as water, you’re free to communicate naturally – information is exchanged, and knowledge advances in a way that benefits everyone. 
Water rules the emotions and is a powerful symbol of the deepest feelings.  It is also known as a symbol of faith in the Divine.  Someone who has done much study in the power of water is Dr. Masaru Emoto – author of ‘The Hidden Messages in Water.’  Dr. Emoto found that our thoughts, emotions and words have a profound impact on water crystal formation.  A glass of water that has the label ‘love’ formed beautiful crystals, whereas a glass of water labeled ‘you fool’ showed disfigured crystals.  He has also shown the impact of things such as heavy metal music, television, violence, cell phones and microwaves on water crystal formation.  Because the world is made up of so much water and so are we, what we expose ourselves too is very important.  Water affects our state of being and our state of being effects water.
Dr. Emoto believes that if we were all thinking loving thoughts we could heal the world because of the amount of water in the world!  We can learn so much from this simple substance.  Water lives as it was created to - very naturally and with ease and humility.  It is subtle yet extremely powerful.  
Spend sometime observing the water you drink today, go to the beach and watch the waves this weekend and let water teach you its hidden secrets and wisdom.  Be as water is – flow, be humble, treat all people/living things equally, serve and be free. 
Have a magical weekend and my love to you all.
Love and light
Melissa x
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