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Friday Inspiration - 4 July 2008
By Melissa Bult

You Are Loved
This week has been a big week for me.  After nearly 3 years of development last year my business Angel Guidance finally got the push it needed to really take off.   In accordance with this it was time to leave my ‘other’ job and go full time with my work.  It was time to close the door on the old and open new ones. 
Leaving my old job after 3 years was an interesting experience because I never fully realized my impact there.  I was overwhelmed by what was said in the leaving speeches and by my colleagues.  Even our in-house general assistant and cleaner gave me gifts in recognition of his appreciation of me.  Then there was a party I held on Saturday night to celebrate.  I was in such awe of the people I have attracted around me and how beautifully things are coming together.
But what I really want to talk about today is how we are much more loved and regarded than we realize.  I had no idea what certain people thought of me and certainly not the level which they thought it.  Many times I have received those corny emails that go around.  You know the ones that say that your friends want you to know how important you are to them and how much you are loved, but you do not really take much notice.  There is that saying ‘to the world you are no one.  But to someone you are the world.’   The funny thing is half the time it is not always who we expect that thinks the world of us. 
What really got me this week with the beautiful things that were said and expressed to me was, that we really must realize we are loved, far beyond what we comprehend.  We are highly regarded by others in our world and often our light extends far beyond what we know.  You have no idea the impact of something you said or the hand that you lent someone in need.  It is like the drop in the puddle that creates a beautiful ripple effect. 
We also need to realize that we are not alone.  There is an abundance of support, friendship and love out there for us if we just open the door.  The Creator always provides for us.  It sends us messengers, teachers, friends, angels and students.  You are not alone, ever. 
Take a moment today to acknowledge that you are loved beyond all measure of your imagination.  That appreciation for who you are is not always obvious but it is there.   Your light reaches much further than you could possibly know and your love is a gift to many.  So keep shinning your light – for your sake and for those around you.
I also want to take this opportunity today to thank all those who have been a part of my journey so far.  I have been writing these weekly inspirations for 4 years now and they would not be possible without you, the readers.   I also want to thank all my beautiful friends and my parents for all their support and Sherman Ng of The Law of Attraction Centre for all his enthusiasm and dedication.
These inspirations started 4 years ago with a simple note to a few friends….a note just to say I love you and appreciate you being part of my life.  A little love goes a long way… it creates miracles.  Lots of love to you all! 
Have a fantastic weekend.  Many blessings to you all!
Love and light
Melissa x
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