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Friday Inspiration - 27 June 2008
By Melissa Bult

A Gratitude Attitude
On Saturday night I watched a documentary about the ‘little ice age’ that occurred between approximately the 15th Century to the mid 19th Century.  It mostly impacted on the Northern Hemisphere but there is evidence to suggest that the Southern Hemisphere was also affected.  It was certainly harrowing to see what people went through during this time period – famine, plagues, hypothermia, wars (especially over food), tyranny and of course Religious persecution because many believed God was punishing them with this weather (and someone had to pay!). 
For some reason learning about the little ice age had me drawing comparisons to how things are now.   I discovered that although we are experiencing climate change and we are going through a so called ‘small recession’ (or big depending on who you talk to) for many of us we have no idea what that kind of suffering is like.  To truly have no food available and not even be able to grow anything, to be freezing to death and sick with no medicine or help available, to be caught up in religious persecutions (including burning innocent women suspected to be witches), wars and invasions by foreign parties.  
Of course there are parts of the world that are suffering like this still today.  But for most of the Western world this is not our reality which is why it interests me that so many people are down about the rise in petrol and food prices.  I totally understand that this has stressed the budgets of certain people and perhaps put them in a position of difficulty.  However, I believe that some of those who are doing the most complaining, are not the ones who will particularly suffer for the price increases.   Let’s be realistic for many people it is not going to put them in a life or death situation. 
Now, I am not saying this to be critical, it is just an observation and I myself have been tempted to get caught up in the doom and gloom that is going around, however what I wanted to bring attention to today because it came into my own mind, is that we should be counting our blessings at this time.  I am grateful that I have a car and a reason to purchase petrol in the first place and that I am capable of purchasing food because it is abundantly available and on top of that, it’s fresh. 
Perhaps if more people took the position of gratitude at this time things would bounce back quicker and if not then maybe we should understand there is a reason we need to experience this.  For example if petrol is higher in price we may not make unnecessary trips in our car which of course saves on our environment damage!  And with food perhaps we get more cautious about wasting things and choose nutritious options because we can no longer afford the extra junk food, some people may even be inspired to grow their own vegetables.  There are loads of possibilities of how this can be a positive and growing experience for us all, we just need to be aware of it. 
Everyone moaning about how things are getting tougher and more expensive is certainly not going to help or change the situation.  It is not about being in denial of what is occurring but rather choosing the way you want see it and deal with it.  Think about being grateful for the basics, being able to walk, your health, the air in your lungs, the sun in the sky, water to drink, friends and family, virtually anything you are grateful for. 
The Tao Te Ching suggests than when our cup is full we should stop pouring.  Worldwide we have been pouring continuously, never having enough.  Perhaps with all that is happening now in the economy it is a good opportunity for us to realize that we have enough.  We can take time to stop and appreciate what we have rather than seeking always for more.  Perhaps the economy is not ‘down’ but rather just not over producing!  It’s all how you look at it.
I certainly know that I am going to practice far more gratitude from now on and if you are not already I invite you to do the same….not for me or anyone else, just for you. 
‘I am grateful that everything I need comes to me.  All I need to know is revealed to me.  And all is well in my world.’  
Have a fantastic weekend.  An abundance of joy and blessings to you all.
Love and light
Melissa x
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