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Friday Inspiration - 30 May 2008
By Melissa Bult

Aligning To Your Higher-Self
After discussing the Ego’s beliefs last week I got to thinking about how we can remain more in tune with our Higher-selves (soul self) and distance ourselves from the low vibrating ideas of the Ego.   And then I remembered hearing Marianne Williamson (‘A Return to Love’) say that you must make yourself a suitable container for higher energies.  If you want to recognize a higher reality in your life then you must align your vibration to contain that reality. 
How can we do this?  Well firstly we need to calm our nervous system down.  I cannot say often enough that prayer and meditation, quiet time and exercise (such as yoga or walking) are essential for connecting to our Higher-selves. 
We also need to be aware of the people we associate with, the environments we spend our time in, what we read, what we watch on TV or at the movies, the music we listen to and what we put into our bodies.   What you read, watch and listen to can have profound effects on your state of mind.  I heard that when the original version of the movie ‘The Omen’ (old horror movie which is tame by today’s standards) came out they had a group of people watch only half of it and tested them to see what impact it had on their bodies.  They discovered that the group had suppressed immune systems for the following 30 days.  Scary when you think about the kinds of things people are watching today and do not get me started on violent video games! 
Your choice of music is of course very important as it can not only alter your state of mind but your energy field as well.  If you are listening to heavy metal, dance/trance or ‘booming’ rap style music you may discover that it is detrimental to your health, mental state and wellbeing.  If you are seeking to be connected to the soul you would choose soft, meditative or uplifting styles of music and perhaps styles with a good message behind them. 
I gave up watching the news and reading the newspaper a long time ago.  If you need to know something the Universe will ensure that the news gets to you.  The media seems to thrive on showing violence and death on the news and looking for the sensational angle.  You wonder if society has almost become numb to some things because of the over exposure.  It is important to be able to access the truth, but do we really know what the truth is? 
And then there is our diet.  We are living on such pre-packaged, preserved and over processed foods that we are poisoning our bodies on a daily basis.  Whatever you put into your physical body you are also putting into your energy field – consume lower vibrating energies and you find it much harder to connect with something higher.  Your body is your home for this lifetime and you will get more out of the experience if you look after it.  I think that most things in moderation are fine the problem is that many people do not understand the concept of moderation. 
Finally clear up your space, get rid of things you do not use and the ‘stuff’ that is just sitting there.  A clear and healthy space invites new opportunities and new energy in.  Simplify wherever possible.  The same goes for your mind.  Let go of old beliefs, thoughts and emotions that do not serve you.  And be flexible, be willing to change your ideas and be open to learning new things. 
None of this is about judgment as we are all free to do whatever we like, however if you want to grow and connect more to your soul these are a few suggestions.  It will also help you clear the congestion from your mind which means you can receive guidance more easily and use your mind at a higher level of thought and understanding.  
Have a wonderful long weekend.  You are all beautiful and powerful souls, so let your light shine.
Blessings, love and light
Melissa x
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