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Friday Inspiration - 23 May 2008
By Melissa Bult

Understanding Your Ego
As always a theme started coming up last week, having made some decisions from a soul base, my ego mind has been coming up with ways to make me frightened of those decisions.  I have also chatted to several people about understanding their Ego and Dr. Wayne Dyer was talking about it in a seminar I listened to recently.  All in all last week I seemed to be surrounded by references to the Ego self so today’s inspiration is about what I discovered.
The Ego seems like a powerful force at times.  I certainly know that my Ego likes to test me and keep me bound to certain things or ideas.  We all have an Ego because we are meant to, it supports our purposes in the physical lifetime we are experiencing, but the degree you respond to Ego in your life as opposed to Soul can really vary from person to person.  So today I want to look at six things the Ego believes so that you may recognise them and you can begin to gain control of it, rather than letting it control you.
The following information I have known for awhile, however the 6 points come from a lecture on ‘Change your thoughts, change your life’
By Dr. Wayne Dyer, I have just added the meaning underneath.  
What the Ego believes:
1. You are what you do:
Therefore if you are no longer doing that then who are you?  This is what often scares people when they lose a job, retire or do not have what society expects as a ‘career’.   The soul knows you are not what you do but the Ego convinces you that what you ‘do’ in life is very important and a part of your identification. 
- Remember you are not what you do.
2. You are what you have:
You are the possessions and material wealth you accumulate.  This is a big one because many people are seeking to have the ‘right’ things in order to be something.  If I have the right car, home, job, clothes, relationship etc… then life will be good and I will be happy.  The Ego will convince you that once you have wealth or power you will have a great life and you will be a ‘someone.’  
- Remember you are not what you have.
3. You are what other people think of you (or your image):
You identify yourself and your sense of worth by what other people think of you, how many friends you have, how many people love you etc… the Ego will convince you that you have nothing if you are not liked by others.
- Remember you are not what other people think of you.
4. You are separate from the things that are missing in your life:
Firstly, nothing is ever missing in your life but your Ego will have you convinced otherwise.  This is why ‘The Secret’ was such a huge seller because we all believe that we are missing certain things - the loving relationship, the house, the car, the job.  But it is impossible for you to be missing anything because you are connected to everything.  Nothing is ‘out there’ instead you draw all things through you and recognize that they were there all along.  The Ego will also try to convince you that you cannot live without the things you are wanting but you have been living just fine up until now and you will continue to go on without it. 
- Remember you are connected to everything. 
5. You are separate from other people (and other life):
You come from the same Divine spark as all life and therefore you are connected to all life.  Every single living thing is a part of you.  So when your Ego convinces you that you are in competition with others, realize there is no competition and when you want to judge others remember you and they are one.  If we truly understood and lived this there would be no more war. 
- Remember you are ONE with all Life.
6. You are separate from God:
This is one of the worst ones the Ego will feed you and is responsible for many of the issues we face on this planet today.  ‘I AM, that I AM’ is a very famous quote from the bible and if you say it to yourself you begin to realize that you are the same as all creation for you come from one source.  God is not a separate entity sitting up in the sky judging us but rather the Mother/Father God is the source of all creative energy and in every single creation, including your-self.  
- Remember you are not God, but you are ONE with God.
The Ego comes from Edging God Out.
Have a wonderful weekend and let your Soul shine.
Love and light
Melissa x
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