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Friday Inspiration - 9 May 2008
By Melissa Bult

Giving Back 2008 
It is funny how things come back around and the inspiration I am writing today is very similar to the one I wrote this time last year. 
On Saturday American Idol featured their ‘Idol gives back’ show just like they did last year, only this year I am pleased to say they raised a lot more money than last year so people are catching on.  Yet again it was a very emotional show to watch and I found myself feeling rather helpless as I watched children from Africa with no where to sleep, children dying unnecessarily of Malaria and people just generally suffering when they should not be.  It also showed just how much poverty there is in America and how much New Orleans is still struggling.   
Looking at the state of how these people are living I wondered how we have allowed it to be like this. How could I sit back in my comfortable world and see my sisters and brothers suffer? I really didn’t have a good answer for that question. I have many excuses but no real answers.
There is so much wealth in the world and yet we still cannot seem to look after each other.  We still have this idea that we are separate from each other and often feel we have to protect ourselves because we might not have enough.  
We have learned to idolize people like millionaires, sports players, movie stars and musicians. Hence we send our energy (which results in money) in their direction. We don’t seem to idolize those who are working for the greater good of humanity - the teachers, the nurses, the aid workers, the peace keepers or those who work to raise money for charity, even mothers (or fathers) don’t often get the credit they deserve! Where is the balance?!   Personally I would like to see more programmes on TV about people making a difference in the world rather than someone like Donald Trump telling money/power hungry people that they are fired! 
If everybody gave a little to help those in need get back on their feet it can be done. But it seems that some give a lot and some give none. We all have our excuses for not helping. After all we don’t even know them. We create thoughts such as, “The money never gets there”, “my little bit won’t help”, “even if they get the help they need they will end up in poverty again”, “charities keep too much of the money” or one of the biggest excuses that we give ourselves - “I can’t afford it”. And maybe some people really can’t afford it after all there are people on the bread line in every country. 
What could be more rewarding than giving?  Of course as timing would have it my copy of the new movie ‘The Moses Code’ (by James Twyman in association with Hay House) arrived this week also.  The Moses Code teaches us that giving is the only way to receive.  You cannot experience wealth unless you feel like you are wealthy enough to give money away!  This goes for everything in life - you cannot know you have love to give, if you do not give it.  It also teaches us that we are ONE with everything.  Therefore as long as our brothers and sisters are suffering we will also suffer because we cannot separate ourselves.  You may try but you cannot.  The fact we are all connected is not just some great spiritual idea, it is proven by science. 
I am not making a judgment here or trying to create guilt.  Certainly I am no saint and I do not give all my money away. I am simply observing and asking myself the questions. When will we wake up and start to look after each other?  If everyone gave a little we would not have an issue, it is a sad reflection on our world that we still have this problem occurring today. 
Make a difference by:
- lighting a candle for peace as often as you can 
- saying a prayer for those in need
- using positive visualisation to see the world as healed and all people are taken care of. 
- donating some time to organisations who are working hard to make a difference. 
- donating money on a monthly basis to organisations such as Unicef, Childfund, Oxfam or Red Cross
- buying products that support development of business in 3rd world countries such as fair trade products (chocolate and coffee), the trade aid
  shops and also Naked Organics give a percentage of their profits to Oxfam.  
I know I have spoken about this before but I can not emphasize enough that it is up to us, we are the ones to make a difference so let’s start today, any way we can. 
Affirm that - “Every-one deserves to have their basic needs met with dignity – and so it is.”
Ghandi’s prayer for peace.
I offer you peace.
I offer you love.
I offer you friendship.
I see your beauty.
I hear your need.
I feel your feelings.
My wisdom flows from the Highest Source.
I salute that Source in you.
Let us work together for unity and love.
To back up this article for the rest of the year 10% of my workshop proceeds will be donated to various groups such as Child fund, Oxfam and Unicef to help them with their work. 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  You are the light.
Melissa x
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