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 Personal Coaching
If you would like heal old patterns that are holding you back and create new opportunities for yourself then personal coaching is a great option. Having trained with The Coaching Institute in Australia, I can assist you in positive and creative ways to achieve your goals and dreams.  Personal coaching is about finding out where you are, where you want to be and how you are going to get there. It is about seizing the power within you and using it to design your ideal life.
Coaching can guide you to:
  • Learn to love yourself and others more fully and deeply.
  • Remember your magnificence and help you access the wisdom already inside of you.
  • Release negative emotions that block you from your ultimate potential and joy.
  • Acquire new ideas and tools to create the life you want.

If you are ready to achieve an extraordinary life then [Contact me] to enquire further.  Complimentary half hour pre-coaching sessions are available to discuss your needs.

Coaching is approximately a 6 week process with weekly or fortnightly appointments either in person or by phone to suit your requirements. 
Coaching is $90 per hour session or purchase a package of six sessions for only $450 and you are receiving the sixth free.  
You can also buy a four session package for only $315 making your sessions $78.75 per session instead of $90.   
Coaching Testimonials:  

"Melissa helped centre me, by bringing me back to my roots and reminding me who I am, what I value and where I want to go. I have never stepped so confidentily or been more capable.

The simpliest way to explain it would be, if you feel in a rut, like somethings missing or like your lost then working with Melissa will help clear your mind and shine light on what you are meant to be doing and where you are meant to be going.

Thank you Melissa for the love and wisdom your shared with me."
Emma, Auckland
"Melissa provided a safe and comfortable coaching practice where I felt able to share my ideas and options for starting to build my business. She helped me to explore different avenues so I could understand the directions I wanted to move in.
Melissa also provided guidance on activities I could do at home to move me in the right direction and help me to better define the shape of my business, which proved very valuable. I always enjoyed my coaching sessions with Melissa and felt I received real guidance and sound advice through working with her.
I would highly recommend Melissa as a life and business coach who is always professional,
approachable and personable."
Robyn, Auckland