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Guided Angel....Melissa Bult
Article by Catherine Newton - Cover Story Rainbow Magazine October / November Issue

A talent this real deserves to be shared, and how she does! Our newest talent Melissa Bult, not only looks like an Angel, she speaks with Angels too. In this interview with Melissa we discover how she does what she does, how she came to be on this path and what the future holds for this rising star...
It was 10 years ago when Melissa was 19 years old that she rediscovered her angels.  She remembers the occasion quite vividly, “I had begun meditating and was at a group meditation when I saw a really beautiful Angel before me. I couldn’t help noticing how attractive he was! It was the first time I had ever seen an Angel this clearly and I was naturally curious about his visit.”

She went home and told her Mum, (who has her own gift of talking with Spirit) who had also seen this angel in a meditation. “We compared notes and decided to do some research on who this angel was and discovered he was an Archangel!”

Archangel Michael hasn’t left her since. For those who know Angels, they will understand why she thought him so good looking when she first met him in her meditation. He is a very impressive Angel; blonde, blue-eyed and has a dynamic presence. He is also knows how to have fun, and to this day, he is constantly giving her advice about how to keep life fun and interesting. “He is always pushing me to step out of my comfort zone, like how just recently he told me I must finish the job I was working at and start working full-time on my Angel work! I had to have complete trust and faith in what he was telling me – and fortunately I do.”

Melissa did take his advice, and the advice of the other Angels that communicate with her, and handed in her resignation at her job so she could devote herself to her next big role. To be of service. “I am here to do whatever I am guided to do. I love nothing more than to assist people and to be given the direction from the Angels to go ahead and do this, was so exciting!”

It hasn’t always been easy, as she has come to terms with the fact that she has a gift. There have been many lessons to learn along the way as she has learnt to harness this gift. “Every decision I have made I have been guided to make by the Angels. But there have been times when the path they led me on seemed hard, and I questioned their direction and purpose for me. I have reached the point , like many of us, where I have been down on my knees asking God, asking my Angels ‘What do you want from me?’ It was at that point that I began to surrender to what was in store for me.”

It was after a relationship break-up at the tender age of 21 when she decided to take a year out and seek solace from within. She was at her lowest point and was guided to spend this year for herself and for Spirit as she contemplated why the Angels had chosen her. “I spent the year recollecting my thoughts and asking for assistance. I meditated, I worked with my Angel cards, I listened to guidance, and it was during this time that I discovered Doreen Virtue.”

Everyone needs a mentor and what better one to have than the great Master of Angels herself, Doreen Virtue. “I attended her training in Sydney, and it opened many new doors for me. She had a way of giving me clarity to my path like no-one had before. My training with her gave me the confidence to live my purpose. To see her making a difference the way she does, was inspiring and life-changing.”

And so came about Melissa’s journey of assisting others. “From the training I did with Doreen, and from the guidance I had received, I realised my ability to speak with the Angels was significant and I wanted to pursue this further. The next step was to offer workshops around this arena and so I created the Angel Guidance workshops.” Melissa runs these workshops every month and finds them becoming more and more popular as people discover their own ability to communicate with their Angels. “I love it when I can teach others to seek their own guidance through this domain, and I find nothing more satisfying than showing others how to tap into their own talent.” In fact she has had such a great reaction from attendees that she has now created an Advanced Angel Guidance Workshop to take those ready to the next level.

Tempted by Melissa’s gift, many people are now seeking further guidance from her with her individual Angel readings which she offers from her studio in Kingsland, Auckland. “I use the Angel Cards to give an outline and then the information just flows, I  always tell clients that what they are being shown is the path they  have in front of them if they so choose. It gives them a chance to connect with their own Angels and through me the Angels offer their loving guidance.”

An interview is not complete without some personal research, and so I eagerly had my own reading with Melissa. I was absolutely blown away by her accuracy and ability. I can honestly recommend her to anyone willing to open their minds and hearts to communicating with their Angels. At the end of the Reading Melissa remembered very little about what was said. “The Angels talk through me, and I very rarely remember what has been spoken, but I’m always delighted at the response from my clients. Their excitement and clarity is my reward.”

In Melissa’s quest to support others she has also trained in the powerful work of the infamous Louise Hay, and is a qualified ‘Heal Your Life and Achieve Your Dreams’ instructor. These weekend long workshops are also run monthly and have wonderful gems to offer the recipient. “We all have underlying issues in our lives, and it never ceases to amaze me what is released from the participants of the Heal Your Life workshops. We spend two days getting to the heart of who you are and learning to love ourselves so we can move forward in our lives.”  I continued my research by attending her weekend workshop in July, and came away from it feeling capable, lovable and believing deeply in myself. Another attendee deeply satisfied!

Doors have begun to open for Melissa and the more she puts herself out in the public eye, the more the public want what she has to offer. She comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and talent and is also a qualified Naturopath and Life Coach, (not to mention Beauty Pageant winner and it is easy to see why with these stunning photographs!). In the future she will be hosting more workshops, seminars and training, hoping to tour the country so she can reach a wider audience, “Whatever is for the highest good of all,” adds Melissa

Log on to www.melissabult.comtoview her upcoming workshops, to make an Angel Reading appointment with her, or to subscribe to her weekly inspirational newsletter. 

Article by Catherine Newton - Cover Story Rainbow Magazine October / November Issue