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Friday Inspiration - 26 September 2008
By Melissa Bult

What's The problem?
Lately I have been getting myself all wound up about things.  Although many great and wonderful things have been happening for me I have instead been focused on my so called problems.  So today I want to discuss the idea of problems and the purpose of them.
We all have problems, just like we all have issues.  But how we choose to deal with these problems is what is important.  You are never going to be able to control life so that you do not encounter difficult or testing times, although the ego would have you believe that you have the power to do this.  My ego has been running rampant with this lately because for all the good things happening around me I have been looking for ways to protect myself from being hurt.  It is like the typical scenario that when things are going really good we freak out that something is about to go wrong, we just can’t accept the ‘good’ without the ‘bad.’ 
The thing is that we are not sent problems to make our lives difficult or painful, instead they are a tool for us to grow.  Often times (and I know it was this way for me) when we decide to improve our lives and become more spiritually enlightened things can seem to go wrong.  Marianne Williamson (‘A Return to Love’) say’s that when we say to God that we want to heal our lives the first thing he say’s is thank you and the second is hold on!  This is because when aspects of ourselves need healing and we want to get closer to being our highest self the Universe must provide us with opportunities to do that.   And it does.
A perceived problem is actually an opportunity, the Universe would not send us something that we could not handle and we end up realizing that there was no problem there at all.  God has more faith in us than we have in ourselves so we are always being given opportunities to learn and grow.  Opportunities that perhaps we didn’t realize we were capable of dealing with. 
If we are not in a position of growth then we simply stay where the ego would have us stay – in a constant and very subtle state of misery.  In this state you have no chance of getting closer to your higher self.  So that stuff that your relationships bring up or your work or your family, all those issues are perfect for you to become the highest aspect of yourself that you can be. 
Problems are also not individual.  Because we are all connected we all share the same problems, we all have the same issues and so we are not alone.  Remember of course that if we are all connected in our problems we are also all connected in the healing of those problems.  You are far more supported in this world than you could possibly realize.  The Universe does not provide you with the opportunity for growth without also supporting you in this growth. 
As we start to come into a more joyful and successful point in our lives that does not mean that we will no longer face any problems or issues, but it does mean that we will see them in a different light and understand them as the perfect thing for us at the time.  The object of life is not to try and avoid any difficulties but rather to recognize that things happen for a reason and nothing is given to us that we cannot handle.  In all aspects of life we are only ever being led to our greatest joy, remember this and you will always come out on top. 
Have a fabulous weekend.  Lots of love and blessings to you all.
Melissa x
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