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Friday Inspiration - 31 October 2008
By Melissa Bult

Opening Your Heart To Love
Holidays I find are the perfect opportunity for contemplation.  While I was sitting by the pool at our hotel in Hawaii I had a sudden realisation about certain things and the feeling that came with it caused me to cry with joy and relief.  So I am going to save the things I learned with Dr. Wayne Dyer until next week and instead share with you what was given to me that day.
When we meet someone, no matter what the form of the relationship our egos start to size them up.  We might categorize them in to where we think they might fit into our life – friend, lover, work colleague etc… then we start to decide whether they are worthy of our time and love.  When we first start forming a relationship with someone we analyse the safety of the relationship, if that person ‘fits’ with us and whether we are going to let that person ‘in’. 
Our soul’s on the other hand love that person unconditionally from the moment they connect with us.  In fact although you may not be aware of it, you have loved that person unconditionally long before you ‘met’ them in this lifetime.  The soul understands that all living things are in fact part of it, connected and come from the same Source.  It knows nothing other than love and so it would never consider analyzing a person before it loved them. 
I know in my experience I have often approached relationships in a protective manner first, thinking that if this person shows love towards me and it seems like they like me then I will like them back, thus creating a sense of safety.  But what I have discovered is that you cannot truly get to know someone or allow a relationship to form to its best if you do not start by loving the person from day one.  It is like starting from the highest point straight away.
We are designed to love as Source loves because we all come from the same source.  Do you really think that God analyzes you first to see if you are worthy of his/her love?  No, of course not, you are loved instantly simply because you exist. 
When you love someone you re-mind them to love too.  You re-mind them of their Divinity.  And your soul does not love to get anything in return, it loves because it is the natural thing to do and to give love is all it wants.  Imagine if we were all living our lives with this awareness, what an amazing shift we would see on this planet!
Often we feel afraid to open our heart, after all we have been hurt before.  But it is so un-natural for us to walk around with a heart that is closed and it hurts us more than anyone else ever could.  Opening your heart to give love is the greatest way to heal it and the greatest sense of freedom you will ever know because it brings you into alignment with your soul.  Wayne Dyer said that if you want to experience something in your life, want it more for someone else than you do for yourself, only then can you experience it.
When we open our heart to others we offer them the opportunity to open their heart to us and to the world.  What a blessing that is.  As you go about your business this weekend when you look at someone, think to yourself – the love in me acknowledges the love in you. 
Even after all this time the sun never says to the Earth, "You owe me." Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky. - Hafiz
Have a fantastic weekend.  As always, all my love to you.
Melissa x
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