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Friday Inspiration - 31 October 2008
By Melissa Bult

Releasing Outcomes
Firstly, again apologies to those who did not receive last week’s inspiration – I was having more technical issues!
Today I want to discuss a topic I have touched on before but I would like to take it to another level.  As a society we are very attached to outcomes and recently I have been challenged in this area again.  So let’s look at our need to control outcomes and what we can do about it.
Lesson 24 in A Course in Miracles say’s that ‘I do not perceive my own best interests’.  In no situation that arises do you realize the outcome that would make you happy.  When I first heard this teaching I was not so sure about it but as I really got to understand it I found it to be true for me.  Because in our human state we are caught up in our lower mind or ego personality we sometimes believe we know what is best for us.  But our understanding is coming from a place of fear rather than a place of love most of the time.  For example you may believe you know what your perfect job would be or your perfect partner, however you end up getting something different and you feel pain because that is not what you believed you wanted.
We only ever feel pain because we have attached our ideas to what an outcome should be and we miss the bigger picture.  I know in my experience whenever I have felt that only a certain outcome would bring me happiness I either repel that outcome or even if I get it I am not truly happy.  When you hold tightly to your thoughts about how a situation ‘should’ turn out, you either prevent it from occurring or you distort it. 
People often tell me they do not think their prayers are being answered.  All prayers are answered but often we think they have not been because they were not answered the way we thought they should be!  I remember many years ago praying for my relationship at the time to be healed.  My idea of what would happen was that things would suddenly get better and instead they got worse and we broke up!  Now in hindsight that was the perfect outcome and it ended up bringing me lots of joy, peace and understanding but at the time I thought God had got it wrong.
The Universe is not your giant wishing well and it will not just hand out everything you want all the time.  This is because it loves you and sometimes what you think would bring you the most joy is not the reality of what would.  Remember too that when we try to force the outcome we might be missing out on something much better because that outcome has not even entered our minds! 
God holds only the best intentions for you and only ever wants you to be happy.  Anytime where I lacked understanding and felt that when God took something from my life that I believed was ‘right’ for me I have always found that it was because something better was coming.  
There is no problem with you making your requests or channelling your thoughts in the direction you would like to go, but what happens after that is best left to a much higher mind.  You will always need to take human steps but allow those steps to be guided by your higher self and not your need to control things out of fear.
Eastern understandings teach that the master knows that the perfect outcome is the one he receives.  It also teaches the understanding of ‘do nothing’ and allow instead.  Both of these ideas when applied can bring you a great sense of peace. 
Recently I had an experience of this when I was asking my angels if I was going to get to see a friend before they went away.  I wanted to get on my phone and secure the meeting (because I was afraid it wouldn’t happen) but was told to do nothing.  Five minutes after surrendering the situation and knowing that if I was meant to see them it would happen I ran into them at a mutual friends place! 
This of course does not mean that you stay in bad or abusive situations or that you just sit around doing nothing all the time because you are waiting for the Universe to come and show you what to do.  But it does mean putting yourself into a place where you can allow the best possible outcome in all situations to present it-self to you. 
In all areas of your life BE what you wish to experience, DO what follows naturally as a result and then ALLOW yourself to receive the highest outcome for you. 
"There can be no other possible outcome than happiness and love, because nothing else is possible".  - Angels
Have a wonderful weekend and be joyous.  I am off to Hawaii to see Wayne Dyer so there will be no inspiration next week but it will be back on Thursday 30th October.
All my love to you always
Melissa x
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