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Friday Inspiration - 21 November 2008
By Melissa Bult

Unconditional Love
This week’s inspiration has been written by a guest contributor my dear friend and colleague Sarah Peni.  I have been gifted some amazing opportunities to grow this week and in all those experiences I have gained a new understanding of unconditional love so today’s topic is just perfect.  I hope you enjoy it.
Unconditional Love by Sarah Peni
“Unconditional Love” - we’ve all heard of it, we all yearn for it – yet why are we not experiencing this Love in our daily lives?  How do we deepen Loving relationships with ourselves and others?
What is sought today is the inspiration for each of us to get in touch with and deepen our connection with Divine Love and to actively engage in expressing Love in our relationships. Through understanding the nature of Divine Love and actively working with its expression we contribute to the upliftment of all of our relationships.  Not an easy task perhaps but one which will inevitably bring great rewards for dedicated effort. One piece of guidance if you choose to accept it is –don’t start with the planet –start with yourself, your closest relationships, family, friends and colleagues.
The purest vibration of Love is that Celestial, Divine or unconditional Love that encompasses all existence.  The astral vibration of Love is the love we have for others.  The emotional vibration of love relates to the feelings we have within and about ourselves.   As the vibration of Pure Love is stepped down through the energy field it is distorted by life experience and becomes conditional on the environment, behaviors, and what we are attracted to or repulsed by.  It then becomes not a pure form of Love but attachment, leading to a host of counterproductive emotions, lust, hatred, envy, jealousy, insecurity. Unfortunately it is the lower vibrations of you which you express not the higher, and when you engage in relating with others it is this distortion or illusion which creates the cycle of attachment with Love – you attract to you situations to prove your counterproductive emotional state.
When we talk about “I” or “me” we are really separating from that sense of Divine Love. Self-referencing leads to adherence with the “I” and from this we attach ourselves to pleasure – we ignore the disadvantages, and glamorize the advantageous aspects of the relationship.  Bitterness and resentment build insidiously for the disadvantages. The pleasure is not internally recognized or truthfully experienced.  It is the desire nature that seeks attachment and opposes Love – because we desire to feel pleasure and not pain we distort our senses in order to attract the pleasure element.
When someone crosses our ideal in relationships too often the counterproductive emotions are expressed and the Love is shut down, we stay within the ‘safe’ construct of Love based on conditions and perpetuate the cycle.  We deny ourselves and our loved ones the opportunity to realize or recognize the behaviors which seek to sabotage Love.   By looking for, recognizing, and expressing Divine Love within all relationships –we break the old cycles, and embark on a journey which uplifts, attracts and generates Love.
Through dispassionate observation of the self and meditative reflection of our counterproductive emotions we can break the cycle, some questions you may ask yourself.  “What is it that I am attracted to in this person?  Does this attractiveness obscure the faults or disadvantages in this person?  Does exaggeration of the pleasantness of certain people lead to lust ? Does exaggeration of unpleasantness lead to hatred? 
Notice how you:
-First perceive people/objects in your life,
-Then notice how you perceive them as being good or bad,
-Then conclude that the person/object has its own independent basis for existing.
-Then conclude that the object’s goodness or badness exists inherently in the object
-Then generate lust or hatred according to judgment.
Reference: His Holiness The Dalia Lama How to see yourself as your really are p36-37
You may be surprised and relieved to meet the parts of yourself that reject Love, perhaps even seek to destroy it within you, or sabotages the quality of your relationships with  others.   Acknowledgement that we love conditionally is the first step toward toward loving unconditionally.  – It is not the conditions we have experienced that are the problem it is what we choose to do with them that can be.   If you have found acknowledgment Congratulations!  Keep working with yourself with Love and compassion and you will see the Love you give reflected in the eyes of those whom you Love.
Divine Love recognizes diversity and seeks to unify the myriads of expression and struggles through conflict to find resolution, peace and harmony.   May you all Shine Forth with Love, Wisdom and Compassion.
In Love and Light, Sarah Peni.
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To all those who gave such lovely feedback on last week’s inspiration I thank you, so that I have not been able to get back to you all personally. 
Have an amazing weekend everyone.   May your heart overflow with love for yourself and all those who cross your path. 
With love
Melissa x
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