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Friday Inspiration - 12 December 2008
By Melissa Bult

A Year In Review
The year is very quickly coming to a close and with only a few weeks left I have been reviewing the year that has been 2008.  So today’s inspiration is about preparing for a New Year to come.
I know for me 2008 has been a big year!  Lots of changes and a huge period of personal growth and from speaking to many others this appears to have been a theme for this year.  It really does feel as though time is speeding up and as a planet we are facing some really dramatic changes – the climate, the economy, shift in governments and a real movement towards a more conscious and enlightened human race seems to be taking shape.  It was not too long ago that I felt very odd about practicing a spiritual life but now it is becoming more mainstream and definitely more outspoken. 
Where am I going with this…? well as 2008 comes to a close it is the perfect time to review how you feel your year has gone.  What have you learnt?  How have you grown? What are the positive things that stand out?  And how are you feeling about yourself and your path ahead moving into next year? 
It can be very useful to do a review of your year so that you can decide what to keep and what to let go of.  If you are wanting 2009 to be a fantastic year for you then do not take any baggage from your past with you!  You may realise in your year review that you have been carrying things for years which have really caused problems for you in 2008 and now you want to carry them no longer.  Great…time to let them go!
Vow to believe those limiting thoughts, beliefs or patterns no longer and instead choose thoughts, feelings and beliefs that nourish and support you.  Decide what you would like 2009 to look like and anything from 2008 that does not fit simply ask that it be released for the highest good. 
This is a mental shift if nothing else (you do not have to make drastic physical changes right now) it is a decision to choose an attitude that will serve and support you.  Do you have goals or visions for 2009?  Start thinking about it and get creative.  It is going to be a big year and with so much negative information floating around the higher we lift our thoughts and feelings the better next year will be.
Doing a review is not at any stage an excuse for you to beat yourself up though.  It is not time to get stuck in what happened, what you should have done or not done, how you have not ticked off all of your goals…etc… this is designed to be a positive experience. The past is now the past, you cannot go back and even if you do not understand the difficult things you may have experienced this year you can decide to move forward feeling good about yourself.  Decide that 2009 is going to be a year full of love, joy and abundance and then allow the ‘how’ to reveal itself.  Make 2009 the year you learn to truly love yourself exactly as you are and then practice affirming that everyday.  And then watch as miracles occur for you.
A gratitude list would also be useful.  What aspects of the year finishing are you grateful for?  Even the ‘hard’ stuff, how has it shaped you as a person and what good has come out of it?  If you are grateful, then that is the energy you will end the year with and start the New Year with and that is very powerful.  Imagine if everyone in the world entered the New Year with such a great feeling – we would be creating miracles.
So take the time (and I know you are busy) to do a review before the year is out, let go of that which is not serving you and decide how you will choose to BE in the year to come.  Forget New Years resolutions (things to DO) and instead decide in every moment to choose the highest thought you can and BE the person who is aligned to their highest self and you will automatically make positive and lasting changes. 
Celebrate yourself, all you have achieved and enjoy! 
Have a fantastic weekend.   Be merry and safe.
Lots of love to you all
Melissa x

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