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Friday Inspiration - 16 January 2009
By Melissa Bult

The Economy - Changing Our Ways
The other day I was speaking to an old friend and he asked me if I was going to write an inspiration about the ‘spiritual’ perspective of the economic issues we are currently experiencing.  This got me thinking about my own understanding on what is going on and how we can make ‘light’ of it in the coming year.
There is a real contrast between the optimists and the pessimist’s perspectives on the current economic climate.  Those who understand the ‘law of attraction’ are telling people to keep holding their thoughts of abundance and the situation will not be a problem.  Others are suggesting this is going to be worse than the depression of the 1920’s.  I am taking a middle ground.  We do need to keep our thoughts towards positive outcomes because going around talking doom and gloom is certainly not going to help the situation.  However, we do need to also be grounded and realistic.
What do I mean by realistic?  Well to my mind it is not enough simply to think positive thoughts about the economy, you must take action as well. For instance if you run up big credit card bills the Universe may not bail you out!
To the best of my understanding the fall of things is happening for a very valid reason.  For far too long material things have been front and centre of our world, this is not a judgement but an observation.  As the world moves towards a more enlightened state, material things will become less important to us.  As the vibration of this planet goes up anything that does not fit goes down and this is not to say that material things are not good, it simply means they may not be our biggest priority anymore.
Integrity is a word that comes to mind while I am contemplating this situation.  When you look at some of the companies and organisations that have collapsed many have done so due to a lack of integrity in the way things were being done (unfortunately they pull others down in the process).  A focus on money and money alone does not fit the new paradigm we are moving towards.  As a result the ‘business’ world will be forced to look at new ways of doing things, including taking ‘values’ and ‘ethics’ into consideration. 
There are also more reasons for this situation:  Society has relied heavily on a money equals good entertainment idea for a long time now.  On a Sunday you will find the shopping malls full of people ‘spending’ time (and money) with their family.  I must confess to being one of them, however what I am seeing now is that there’s a need to find alternatives.  Why not try – playing board games, entertaining at home rather than eating out, going outdoors, getting books from the library and reading, visiting family members, getting creative with writing, painting, drawing, cooking or baking, sport, swapping DVD’s with friends etc… Some of these things still cost money but you can keep the cost down and
re-discover other ways to have fun again. 
Another aspect is that in this current climate we will be pushed to share with others, know our neighbours, get more community orientated and get back to spending quality time with friends and family.  I believe this is part of the bigger picture as to why this is happening.  Human Beings have a tendency to not make changes unless they are pushed to and so we are getting a little nudge! 
All in all from the ‘spiritual’ perspective the current economic climate is not a bad thing, it is a time of opportunity and growth.  Avoid getting too caught up in the media drama, take practical steps to be realistic with your spending and savings, enjoy your money and do spend but find ways to cut costs where you can (you might realise you were actually wasting resources!), state positive affirmations regarding abundance and find new ways to have fun that do not cost a fortune. 
Now is the perfect time for you to review your attitude and beliefs around money and material possessions and to create new ones that work for you.  Also to review what your top priorities are and what you value.  Ask yourself some tough questions and regardless of whether you have lots of money or you always seem to be struggling there is some growth to be gained from this situation.
Open your arms wide each morning and declare ‘I AM Abundant’ and so you shall be.
Have a wonderful weekend and no matter what you are doing be safe and be joyous.
An abundance of blessings and love to you all.
Melissa x

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