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Friday Inspiration - 30 January 2009
By Melissa Bult

A Transformational Year

Hello everyone,

I seem to be going through some kind of transformational process at the moment and it is not a comfortable experience.  I have been through them before and know they are positive experiences, although they can be hard to understand.  What I have noticed is that many people I know seem to be experiencing something similar and so I thought I would explain what is happening in today’s inspiration.

We are in an 11/2 Universal year in Numerology and 11 is a master number which means it has a very high/intense vibration, it is known as the master psychic number and is associated with all things magical and ethereal.  But more than this we haven’t experienced an 11 Universal year since 1910 and because 11 is a master number it holds great potential for major growth and transformation – both for individuals and for the planet.  11 is a powerful intuitive number, it is about personal power and spiritual truths.  This year holds great potential for leadership, new beginnings and insight.  It also vibrates to the number 2 representing opportunity for harmony and co-creation. 

So what of this year (2009)... well, since we are all going to be under the thunderbolt electricity’s of the Number Eleven (11), the Great Awakener, it seems pretty clear, across the board, that governments, financial institutions, industries and each of us personally will be undergoing further change. The sort of change demanded by the (11) follows no script or predetermined blueprint. The (11) prompts the sort of paradigm or life pattern shift that demands the total restructure and revitalization of our economy, finances and our personal lifestyle choices. In short, life on Planet Earth must change to foster the further good of all. – Joe Ivory

Many people I know are going through very testing times – marriage break downs, serious health issues, loss of direction and feeling as though every issue they ever hid is now coming to the surface!  Some are only experiencing minor shifts – a bit of anxiety, tension, headaches, heavy dreaming, tiredness, feeling a bit low and just not quite feeling their normal selves.  This is the result of the energy of the planet right now.  The 11 year is forcing many to ‘wake up’ from a state of slumber and ask big questions about life, search for their purpose in life and clear away old emotional wounds.  This can be a very unsettling experience because so much of what we perceived as making us happy or believed in starts to break apart. 

You can decide to take advantage of the current energy and let go of the old, expand yourself and create amazing new possibilities or get stuck in the discomfort.  Really all we can do is ride the wave as it comes and know the changes are all for our good.  Some people will barely notice that it is happening and others will feel like life has been tipped upside down! 

There is amazing potential this year to find truth, wisdom and personal power.  If you watch the news it looks as though things are falling to pieces and to some degree they are, but to make way for the new.  Old outmoded ways of doing things are no longer suitable and so the world will be pushed to a new way of seeing things and doing things. 

How can you cope if you are feeling a bit shaken up right now?  Firstly, do not try to pretend it is not happening and bury your feelings!  Instead find healthy ways to let out emotion such as watching a sad movie or a funny one.  Spend time in nature, exercise, meditate, get adequate rest, eat well and avoid stimulants and depressants, write down what you are experiencing, read uplifting and transformational books, say positive affirmations, spend time with positive people and ask for help when you need it.  All in all try to go with the flow and make sure if you are feeling really down or unwell that you seek professional assistance. 

2009 will be a powerful and positive year with the number 11 active.  As I discovered many special words are 11 in numerology – energy, light, wisdom, purpose and healing and all these words are relevant for this year. 

I have not written today’s inspiration to make you think that things are going to be difficult, but rather to help you to understand if you do find yourself feeling a bit strange you’re not alone! Whether you believe in the power of numbers (numerology) or not I think it is worth watching this year with great excitement and interest. 

Many thanks to numerologist Michelle Buchanan for her advice on this inspiration –

Have an amazing weekend and contemplate this from the great Albert Einstein – ‘There are two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.’

Much love to you all

Melissa x


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