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Friday Inspiration - 6 February 2009
By Melissa Bult

Soul Contracts

Hello everyone,

My inspiration this week started with a quote from Mother Theresa – ‘I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle.  I just wish He didn’t trust me so much.’  I started thinking about some of the situations in my life that have recently been quite testing and why would God send them to me.  Today’s inspiration is some of what I have discovered.

Firstly, Mother Teresa was right, we will not ever be sent anything we are not capable of handling.  In my experience, we do not often realise what we are capable of until we have to find out!  As we go through experiences we discover more about ourselves and we grow as souls.  There is a method to the madness of the Universe! 

We will not only attract to ourselves situations that help us teach others and grow as an individual but there are some experiences and relationships in our lives which are really pre-planned by our soul.  As I was deciding whether to write about this topic I received my sign through a client who declared that she must have met me before as I was so familiar.  When I started to talk to her I realised that our life paths were very similar and we had agreed to meet at this time so that I could help her understand her path.  This is a soul contract.

To the best of my understanding, experience and learning you create a main contract with the Universe before incarnating into a physical lifetime.  This contract will be decided with your guides and will be the big picture of why you are here – such as you want to bring healing to the planet in a way that will benefit the whole as well as your personal spiritual evolution.  Along side the main contract there are smaller ones to meet certain people, be in certain places at particular moments and accomplish certain goals. 

It is important to understand that free will and destiny work hand in hand.  We have the free will to make choices in our lives but destiny will help you stay on track to achieve what your soul intends to achieve.  So your soul contract might be to help heal and your free will is how you go about doing that.  These contracts are specific, selective and very sacred. 

Contracts are not logical to our physical understanding and they may seem very dis-ordered.  Have you ever had an experience where at the time it seemed as though it was unfair or irrational and then later on you realised it was the best thing that ever happened to you?  That is because it was meant to happen and it was set up by you on purpose.  Relationships are a big part of soul contracts and there are people you meet where you just know you are meant to play something out with them.  You may feel like you know them and there is a magnetic attraction to being in their life.   They might be there to help you learn forgiveness or bring out your talent or support you through something. 

Without some kind of contracts, while in a physical form we would spend all our time trying to make sure things were ‘controlled’ in our external world.  We would only do what we feel is safe or feels ‘good’ which does not always constitute growth experiences or motivate us to live to our fullest potential. 

Life is not random, even down to the split second of your birth is pre-planned and there are destiny markers in place to help you remember what you are here to do, so as not to neglect your contracts.  Our free will is how we respond when we come across these destiny markers.  For example you might have set up to lose your job at a certain point in your life (for various reasons – remember it will not seem logical) and your free will is whether you get down about it and sink into depression or choose to see it as a sign you were not meant to be there anymore and use the time to discover what you could be doing instead. 

Your soul makes choices from a much higher point of view and when you can recognise and understand that the things you think are dis-ordered actually have a purpose in your life’s path you can use the experiences in a positive way.  You may ask why a soul would choose an abusive family situation or a violent death and I cannot answer that because that is something personal to that particular soul.  What I am writing today is really only a tiny piece of the puzzle and even with lifetimes of learning we might not understand it all.

If you find all of this hard to believe then that is understandable.  Through my own experience I have found contracts to be logical and helpful.   What is important is that you contemplate the idea for yourself and see how you feel about it.  Take a look at your life and the people in it and see if there are some moments where things felt Divinely ordered despite how they appeared on the outside.  For more information check out the work of Caroline Myss in her book ‘Sacred Contracts’ or the ‘Conversations with God’ series by Neale Donald Walsh or Sylvia Browne and Dr. Brian Weiss’s books. 

May light fill your life

With Love

Melissa x  


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