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Friday Inspiration - 13 February 2009
By Melissa Bult

A Spiritual Path

Hello everyone,

The word ‘spiritual’ is a term that is thrown about in many different forms these days.  I consider it to be over used and because it has many meanings depending on how you perceive it, it can cause some confusion for people.

What does it mean to be spiritual?  That is rather a large question and one that can only be answered personally but in today’s inspiration I would like to explore some of what I have discovered on my journey and through my studies.  As always with what I write take from it only what resonates with you.

To be ‘spiritual’ is something you can not really choose because you are spirit and therefore you are spiritual in your nature.  It is something that has become a way of explaining a path that does not fit with the ‘norm’ such as religion.  Although religious people are spiritual they are more likely to tell you they are Christian, Buddhist etc… So those that are left over and still have a belief in a God and the nature of spirit end up using the term Spiritual. 

The concept of being ‘spiritual’ can cover a belief that there is life after death, an interest in psychic phenomena, someone who practices ‘new age’ philosophies, energy healers, really any form of practice that does not fit into categories already socially accepted.  Much of what has been pieced together and called spiritual the great mystics and masters who walked this earth would possibly question. 

We are not entitled to simply take from this world and God is not your magic genie. If you wish to walk the path of your soul you must be willing to do what is necessary.  If you ask the big questions like ‘what is my life purpose’ or ‘how can I live my highest potential’ then be willing to take the answer you get.  It might not always be the one you want!   Do you think that Jesus Christ or the Buddha got a message to do something and said ‘sorry God, I am focusing my energy on manifesting the perfect house.’  Or ‘helping those less fortunate would be nice but it’s a bit too hard for me.’ 

Now I am not suggesting you have to ditch your life and run off to try and become a master in order to lead a ‘spiritual’ or ‘enlightened’ life.  Nor do you have to be dirt poor and starving. What I am saying though is you need to work on your humility and accept that fact that you might get guided to do things that do not suit you or that you are afraid to do. 

Humility is a quality of character that you must have on a spiritual path.  We think that if we are humble or practice humility then we will be humiliated.  The bible say’s ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’ and this is true in the sense that true power comes from true humility.  It does not mean that you treat yourself with low esteem or deny your accomplishments.  But a humble person does not fear what might be asked of them on their soul journey – no task will be too small or too big. 

Greatness does not come from ambition to get money, fame or power.  Mother Teresa was one of the most powerful figures to walk the planet in her time and very few people would not know who she was and that is not because she intended it so.  It is because she had the humility to follow her heart, her guidance and her soul’s path, that is powerful stuff. 

To walk a path of spirit does not mean simply that we want to increase our psychic potential, play with runes, study a weekend course in Reiki or spout metaphysical truths to anyone who will listen.  We can do all of these things of course and there is nothing wrong with them, but it is not the whole picture.  Most people will suggest that they are happy to do whatever is God’s will for them on this earth but when it comes down to it, how many will actually answer if called?  I know I struggle with this at times, but once on the path it is too painful to turn back, no matter how painful it may seem to move forward. 

Most of us spend a great deal of time trying to work it all out in the hope that we will be safe and in a position to control things but we can not and we are not meant to either.  There are reasons some of it is a mystery and you may never know why things in your life did or did not happen.  In these moments rather than analyzing it to death, ask for the grace to transcend the situation instead. 

Your spiritual journey is a very personal path that is between you and your creator.  No matter which direction you choose to go do it with love and humility thus allowing the light to guide you at all times.  Only you can know the right path to follow. 

Have a wonderful weekend and in all that you do, be joyous. 

With Love

Melissa x

Copyright © 2009 Melissa Bult Ta Angel Guidance Ltd. All Rights Reserved


 Copyright © 2009 Melissa Bult Ta Angel Guidance Ltd. All Rights Reserved