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Friday Inspiration - 20 February 2009
By Melissa Bult

The Power of Crystals

Hi everyone,

Recently I have found myself being drawn back to the healing power of crystals, with great results!  So today I have called on the lovely Trish Moore who works with crystals and has a wealth of knowledge about them.  Enjoy!


Crystals have been used for thousands of years to heal, protect and enhance the lives of those who invite these wonderful friends into their energy space.

Like us they are formed by atoms, but have a crystalline lattice structure which means they are very good at holding a stable vibrational energy, which can be used to bring balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the body. (Our bodies when in a healthy state, have energy that is properly distributed and flowing freely, unfortunately this delicate balance can be disturbed by both external and internal influences.)

As crystals transmit and receive energies, they can be used in many ways to change your life, such as: to attract or repel energy, bring peace and serenity, protect or heal, enhance your natural talents and confidence, release grief and fears, enhance your intuition,  meditation, and connection to angelic realms, even attract love and abundance  into your life!!!!!!

The beauty is they are working even when they are just placed in your surroundings, so it is beneficial to give crystals even to people who are not aware of their properties.

You can bring crystals into your life in many ways:

Jewellery- Wearing crystals in the form of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets are a great way to bring the healing powers of crystals into your aura.

Touchstones- Tumble stones and worry stones can be carried around easily because of their smaller size. People put them in their pockets, handbags, and even tuck them into their bras! so that the energies can be working constantly with the body, and you can easily touch them when you feel you need to draw on their energy. You can also program these crystals for specific purposes.

Environment- Both large and small Crystals can be placed around you in both your home and work environments and for meditation and healing layouts, to create harmonious energies and to protect you.

Remedies-You can use cleansed crystals to make elixirs by placing them in pure spring water and allowing this to sit in the early morning sunlight for at least 3 hours. The water then becomes charged with the vibrational force and colour frequency of the crystal. (I have a alot of customers who drop the crystals they wish to work with into their water bottles each day.) NOTE: there are some crystals that should not be used for elixirs.

However you choose to use them, always use them with respect as they are a big part of the planetary transformation we are all a part of!


AGATE- Tones and strengthens body/mind. Helps give strength and courage.

AMETHYST- Powerful healer and protector, brings calm and enhances psychic abilities.

AMAZONITE- Powerful filtering action. Soothes the emotions and brings joy.

APOPHYLLITE- Creates clear and conscious connection between physical and spiritual realms. Stimulates intuition.

AQUAMARINE- Reduces stress, enhances communication, promotes clear and logical thinking.

AVENTURINE- Higher self attunement. Brings decisiveness and creativity.

BLACK OBSIDIAN- Protective, repels negative energy, reduces stress and stimulates spiritual growth.

BLOODSTONE- Excellent energy and blood cleanser.

BLUE LACE AGATE- Calms, assists inner peace.

CARNELIIAN- Restores vitality and motivation, stimulates creativity.

CELESTITE- High vibration, connects to angelic realms

CITRINE- Stone of prosperity, attracts abundance and success. Brings joy.

CLEAR QUARTZ- Powerful healer and energy amplifier. Promotes mental clarity. Assists development of spiritual gifts.

FLUORITE- Brings out creative talents, helps concentration, study and learning.

HEMATITE- Grounding, protective and balancing, boosts self esteem.

JADE- Dream stone, protective, brings peace and tranquillity.

LABARADORITE- Mystical and protective. Heals and protects aura. Stimulates intuition and psychic gifts.

LAPIS LAZULI- Stone of total awareness. Protects during spiritual development. Provides objectivity, clarity and communication.

MALACHITE- Reduces stress and tension. Clears emotions. Helps with transformation to rid yourself of old hurts

MOONSTONE- Stone of new beginnings. Balancing, soothing and promotes happiness. Excellent for balancing hormones.

ONYX- Protective, gives strength. Enhances emotional balance and self control.

PERIDOT- Powerful cleanser. Releases old baggage and accelerates personal growth.

PINK MANGANO CALCITE- Heart crystal, releases fear and grief, brings forgiveness.

PYRITE- Facilitates tapping into unique abilities and potential. Positive outlook

ROSE QUARTZ- Unconditional love and heart healing, brings deep inner healing.

SELENITE- High vibration, opens crown chakras. Brings deep peace and serenity.

SMOKEY QUARTZ- Grounding and protective. Dissolves negative energy.

SODALITE- Unites logic and intuition. Clears mind, creates inner harmony.

TIGER EYE- Develops courage and inner strength. Assists in accomplishing goals.

 These are just a sample of the many wonderful crystals available to us now, and some of their properties. Please contact me for further information, I will be very happy to help with any queries.

I have personally (as have my customers) had many amazing experiences with crystals. Working consciously with crystals, helps you to connect with your own inner light, while letting the crystals express theirs. After all we are on this Earth together to help each other to grow and work in greater harmony to create a better world.

Trish Moore

Serenity Crystals

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With Love

Melissa x

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