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Friday Inspiration - 6 March 2009
By Melissa Bult


Hello everyone, 

While I was away at Te Moata at a Women’s gathering over the weekend we discussed a couple of important topics.  One of those topics was the importance of dreams and I am sharing what I learned, in today’s inspiration.   

I wrote about dreams a couple of years ago but since then I have really begun to appreciate just how significant and important dreaming is.  We have a minimum of four dreams a night and whether you remember them or not you are always dreaming.  How often do you realise the significance of your dreams? Many people do not pay nearly enough attention to dreaming.  

Dreams offer us opportunity for learning, insight, healing and processing at a very deep level.  Sometimes we are unable to connect with problems in our waking state but in our dream state we have a chance to unravel the threads and even receive solutions. 

Remember when you are asleep so is your ego mind, so it is the perfect time to receive Divine guidance and intuitive insight.  I know many of my clients have experienced meetings with angels, spirit guides and deceased loved ones in their dream state because it is a safe space for them to connect.  We may also receive symbols and signs from spirit in our dream state which can answer questions or point us in the right direction.  

Symbolism plays a huge role in dreaming and is often over looked.  It can be useful to keep a book of symbol meanings or a good dream book beside your bed to reference from as you wake from a dream.  Things that can seem very strange and pointless can actually have huge significance!   

It is suggested that in dreams all the characters in a dream are actually us.  Different aspects of our personalities can act out in a dream state to help us uncover how we are feeling about certain aspects of our lives.  You may also have precognitive dreams which give you warnings and a chance to prepare for things.  Whenever I have been in a relationship and a break up is coming, I will always have a dream about it first to prepare me! 

Dreams also provide us a space to heal relationships with people that we feel we can not heal in our waking life.  We may also receive insights into challenging relationships, so that we may be more compassionate and helpful to that person.  You may also experience telepathic connection, past life memory and clairvoyant information during dream time.  

What few people realise is that they are in control of their dreaming.  If you have trouble remembering dreams then set the intention that you need help to remember them before you go to sleep.  You can also ask that your dreams be healing, inspiring, give you guidance and feel safe.  When experiencing nightmares you can pull yourself out or stand back in the dream to acknowledge that it is only a dream, so then you can decide what you need to do to change the nightmare.   

Repetitive dreams are also very important.  Make notes on what happens each time you have the dream and then decide how you want to change the outcome.  For example, if you have had many dreams of being chased then think about whether you are running away from yourself or something in your life and decide how you want to change this pattern.  Next time you have the dream you might want to consciously turn around and face the person chasing you.  

Keeping a dream journal is a really useful tool and can give you a huge amount of learning.  Whatever you can remember note down and think about what it means to you.  Reference symbols and also think about how you felt in the dream and upon waking.  You may even want to consider starting a dream group of 3 or 4 people to discuss and analyse your dreams.  You can also learn a lot from sharing with others and getting different perspectives.   

However you look at it we are always dreaming and this is a resource that is so often overlooked.  The opportunity is to start becoming more conscious of your dreaming and use this tool for your greater healing, growth and awareness.  Happy dreaming!  

Have a fabulous weekend. 

Blessings and love to you all.

Melissa x 

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