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Friday Inspiration - 13 March 2009
By Melissa Bult

Are You Shinning?

Hello everyone,

I am about to embark on some new things in my work which might stretch me a little.  As part of this process I have noticed lots of fear coming up and whenever fear comes up for me I find ways to distract myself like creating extra worry or stress!  We are all created to shine but in many cases there are areas of our life where we are afraid to shine, where we are afraid to truly ‘show up’.  Thus we create distractions and excuses to avoid shining our light.  So today I want to look at these excuses and why you are not fully shinning in your life.
Ask yourself, where in my life am I not allowing myself to truly shine?  Are you fully showing up in your job, your relationships, in your family and with your talents?  We have things backwards in this world because we think that when the situations are right, then we will fully show up and shine, but we have to shine first and then the situations of our life will reflect that. 

Most commonly this is seen in relationships and careers.  I know many people that are waiting for the ‘right’ relationship and then they will commit themselves to ‘being’ in that relationship.  But if you do not commit to fully being in any relationship from day one you are never going to know if they are the right one!  It is the same with jobs.  People go to work and just muddle through because they know this is not the ‘perfect’ job for them.  However if you do not put your best into the job you are doing, you are never going to be ready when the ‘right’ one comes along because you will not know how to shine in a job situation or you might never be offered something better.

We all have great reasons why we cannot shine fully and our wounded-ness is one of our biggest ones.  Our wounds can cause us to justify why we cannot be in a relationship, why we are not ready to live our life purpose, why we have addictions and as an excuse for ‘bad’ behaviour.  If we truly let go of our ‘issues’ and got on with things we would be forced to fully participate in life and for many people that is really scary.  So we go around talking about what we will do when things are in order but it’s never going to happen.  We need to snap out of it!

Do not wait until all your ‘ducks are in a row’ or you feel ‘healed and whole’ before you show up for life.  You can choose to shine every day by acknowledging that you are a perfect Divine being.  It is not that complicated – show up and choose to give your best in any situation and you will shine, you will shine brightly and people will not fail to notice. 

We are not afraid of playing small, we do that really well.  Rather we are afraid of playing big and truly giving our all to life.  Ask yourself in all areas of your life if you are really giving your best and if you are not, decide what you want to do about it.   Maybe you do not like your current situations but give your best to them and if they are not right for you then the Universe will bring you something better! 

Decide to let go of anything that is preventing you from shinning fully – forgive others, let go of the past, remove self-destructive behaviours and addictions (poor eating, alcohol, smoking, debt etc), avoid people who put you down, stay away from negative environments etc… Give yourself a chance to show up at your best everyday in everyway.  

The world you experience is merely a projection of your thoughts and feelings and so it is up to you to project from your highest state of being.  Start today – SHINE! 


Love to you all

Melissa x



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