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Friday Inspiration - 20 March 2009
By Melissa Bult

The Nature of Glamour

Hello everyone,

This week I have asked Sarah Peni to write the inspiration on Glamour.   It is a slightly more advanced teaching but I felt that it was right to send out this week.   Enjoy.


The Nature of Glamour

Glamour has been likened to a mist or fog in which the aspirant wanders and which distorts all that he sees and contacts, preventing him from ever seeing life truly or clearly or the conditions surrounding him, as they essentially are”.

Quote from The Tibetan p33 A.A.Bailey Glamour a World problem.

The Nature of Glamour is the subject for today’s Friday inspiration – Glamour in the esoteric sense has little to do with the glitz and sparkle it might bring to mind.  Glamour is a complex esoteric teaching which we will merely touch upon in today’s article.  As you read on, do so with an open mind, and an understanding that what is being presented is a tiny portion of this understanding.  I hope that it may resonate with you somewhat, and bring about the consciousness within you to realize its implications in your own life, so that you may ultimately free yourself from the bounds of Glamour and truly bring forth the Light of your Soul in ever increasing Clarity. 

The Soul’s capacity to express itself is dependant on the quality, and co-operation of the personality it seeks to work through.  The mental, emotional, and physical aspects of the form life each have a distorting effect on the soul’s ability to express.

Let us clarify the types of Glamour; Glamour will present in different part/s of the personality construct, this tendency to distort in particular ways is dependant on the evolutionary stage of the Soul itself.  The part of the personality the Soul is working towards integrating/developing gives us the understanding of how the personality is prone to distorting the impulse of the Soul at that level.

The Nature of Glamour can be defined in 4 ways:

1.     1. Illusion The mental body – is prone to Illusion.  Illusion is a mental quality characteristic of those within whom the intellect is more developed and have out grown glamour, the Illusion is the misunderstanding or misinterpretations of thoughts to which they are prone.

2.     2. Glamour The astral body – is prone to Glamour.  Glamour is an astral or emotional response that distorts the light of the Soul. (Most common).  Glamour tends to separate itself and imbues its impulses with “I-ness”, it is the misperceptions created by the unregulated passions of the emotional body and the lower nature of desire.

3.     3. Maya The physical body - is prone to Maya.  Maya is the distortion caused by the physical body’s tendency to act as a unit independent of the Soul.  Both illusion and glamour induce Maya as one progresses upon the Path.

4.    4. The Dweller on the Threshold – swings into action along the Path of discipleship when the personality is integrated and the aspirant is occultly aware of itself.

It is helpful to accurately determine one’s particular problem and whether it is Illusion, Glamour or Maya to which you usually succumb.  With careful consideration, caution and right understanding as to the nature of your distortions you can work towards the solution – the dissolution of the Glamour or Illusion and the release of Maya allows the Light of the Soul to be accurately reflected in the Life, and the Dweller on the Threshold disintegrates leaving the door to Initiation unimpeded.

An esoteric premise is that there are distortions or misconceptions within consciousness that are very similar to divine truth and hence these distortions become increasingly difficult to recognize. “Shine Forth the Soul’s Magical Destiny Wiliam A.Meader” p199-200 paraphrase.

 The steady purification of the aura is necessary to induce Clarity and Truth and overcome the distortions of the ages to which humanity has created and to which we are prone.

Today we will concentrate on the Glamour that arises within the astral or emotional body because the majority of people are astrally polarized.  An understanding of the Ray type of your emotional body will give you insight to the types of glamour to which you are prone.   Most people have either a 2nd ray or a 6th ray emotional body, until accepted discipleship these are the rays that govern the emotional bodies of humanity.

Emotional qualities of the 2nd Ray type; Love, serenity, patience, non-emotionalism, sensitivity, heart-felt attachment, empathy, compassion, identification with others, fear and suffering.

2nd Ray Glamour’s; over attachment, fearfulness, the love of being loved, love of comfort, self pity, selfish unselfishness and service, indecision, oversensitivity, lack of action through seeking too complete an understanding, the Messiah complex in the field of world need and religion, popularity, passivity, inertia, personal wisdom, self-sacrifice, over inclusiveness.

Emotional qualities of the 6th Ray type; Emotional dependency, devotion, passion, focus in desire rather than unconditional love, emotional intensity, attachment, one pointed emotional orientation and drive, lack of emotional control, reactivity, rapid emotional arousal.

6th Ray Glamour’s; Militant fanaticism, blind faith, the ‘vision’, one pointed-ness, narrowness, rigidity, idealism, world saviors’ and teachers ‘the guru’, tunnel vision, ‘the one true path’, extremism, emotionalism, rightness of point of view, devotion, loyalties and creeds, passionate pursuit, adherence to beliefs, jealous love, guidance, sentimentality, superstition, black and whiteness, being chosen. “7 Ray Primer edited by Jan Lawson”

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