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Friday Inspiration - 27 March 2009
By Melissa Bult

Perfect Mistakes

Hello everyone,

It seems that at the moment many of us are being seemingly tested.  Now the Universe does not target us and decide we need to learn something in particular but as part of our growth we are going to face learning opportunities that we create for our highest good.  Remember also, when we decide to step onto ‘the path’ anything that does not serve us comes up to be reviewed or released.   In my recent testing time last week I felt I made a mistake and so today I want to discuss the idea of what it means to make a mistake.   

The oxford dictionary states the meaning of mistake is:

  • noun 1 a thing that is incorrect. 2 an error of judgement.

  • verb (past mistook; past part. mistaken) 1 be wrong about. 2 (mistake for)

    confuse (someone or something) with.

  — ORIGIN Old Norse, ‘take in error’

I have never liked making mistakes, I’m somewhat of a perfectionist and do not like to let anyone down or do the ‘wrong’ thing.  However, I do realise that I am living a human incarnation and human’s make mistakes!  But how do we know what is and what is not a mistake?  Well that’s the interesting bit, in some respects we do not know.  I have always believed there is an orchestrated perfection to the Universe and although I do not understand it all, it does give me some comfort!  

This perfection occurred to me while I was berating myself over my apparent mistake last week.  You see I got the wrong idea about a situation and tried to protect a friend from a potentially messy situation.  As it turned out my friend was not too pleased about my advice.  So the situation created a two-fold scenario, firstly, the lesson for me was that it is not my job to police the universe and I can not protect people from their own paths, nor is it my business.  Secondly, maybe I was meant to get it wrong and send the message because I was no longer supposed to be in that friendship.  It seems it really was not a mistake but rather an opportunity to learn and something created to remove me from a situation that was not for my highest good!

How many times have you given yourself a hard time when you have made a ‘mistake’?  I would guess plenty of times.  Sometimes in these situations you need to realise that there are many aspects at play.  You may not have done anything you were not meant to and there may be some perfection to it.  Think of all those times you felt you said the ‘wrong’ thing but something amazing has happened as a result.  Or when you stuffed up in a job or relationship only to find there was better opportunities on the other side of it.   

Part of this perfection is that we are given a chance to learn and grow.  So it is equally as important to acknowledge the learning that comes from the situation.  To atone for your mistakes means that you admit them so that you can grow and heal.  When we will not look at our ‘rough edges’, they will stay rough!   Each time that we experience those rough bits, we are given a chance to work on smoothing them. 

We are always being given opportunities to teach too and sometimes that means being put in situations where we appear to have done the ‘wrong’ thing but we actually provided a great learning for someone else.  All parties involved get to learn at the same time!  However, do not ever use the idea of teaching as an excuse to continue bad habits and patterns of behaviour. 

Like everything in this Universe it is fairly complex and there is a reason that we call it the ‘Mystery’.  But the idea of today’s inspiration is to help you look at the whole idea of mistakes from many different perspectives.  There is never any purpose to beating yourself up over things or wishing it could be different.  The main focus is what you are going to do moving forward.   

When you feel you have made a mistake then atone for your behaviour by asking that you may be a more loving and compassionate person as a result.  Learn from it and then let it go.  When we are able to admit to our short comings we are much less judgemental on others and when we judge less, everyone benefits!  

Have a lovely weekend.  Remember earth hour this Saturday night and turn out your lights from 8.30pm till 9.30pm.  50 million people did it last year and this year we are hoping to get more! 

Love and gratitude to you all

Melissa x

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