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Friday Inspiration - 17 April 2009
By Melissa Bult

Sounding Your Note

Hello everyone,

Today’s inspiration was a combined effort between my colleague Sarah Peni and my-self.   

A few weeks ago I attended a lecture The Sonata of the Master Musician with William Meader (author of ‘Shine Forth’ The Soul’s magical Destiny) It got me thinking of how much of a role sound plays in our lives and so in today’s inspiration I want to explore the nature of sound.  

It is stated in many spiritual and religious texts in various ways that essentially all creation came from ‘the word’.  You may have heard references to this theory such as “Brahma sang the universe into existence” “The big bang theory”.   All things manifest through sound.  Sound, of course is a vibration and sound creates matter.  Everything manifested is primarily based on vibration and becomes visible in the third dimension as auditory hearing, visual sight and physical existence.  Our words, thoughts and emotions all carry a vibration whether or not the sounds are resonant or dissonant with the environment determines the work to be done, and the apparent crisis to be resolved.  We know when we walk into a room where someone is angry as we feel that vibration, the same as we do when we go into a room where people are happy, we sense both and we distinguish them based on the vibration they are emitting.  This may also be experienced on the personal level when we experience conflicting emotions and thoughts; the dissonance created, forces certain crisis which brings about evolution upon resolution, or harmonisation of the differing sounds, into a united view point previously unseen. 

Your soul and your personality both sound different notes they may be dissonant with or resonant with each other dependant on the Soul’s journey and the purpose of the incarnation.  It is this tension that creates the drive towards evolution, and works toward the harmonisation of the discordant sounds.  The many sounds of the personality; mental, emotion, and physical, eventually over countless lifetimes become the One harmonised and resonant sound of the Soul infused personality. 

The sound we are making in the world is creative in its nature so when we are clear on what we are creating, and we are creating from the Soul it will be harmonic with the environment, or destructive dependant on the world need.  The note of destruction is often sounded before the new creative sound can manifest. In order for the creative process to be coming from the Soul it must result in an upliftment of the environment or heartfelt contribution to world need. It does this without the personality being at the center of its own creation.  We are here to sound our Note in ever increasing harmonisation with our Soul.  Your Soul note is individual to you yet harmonic with your Soul group.   

We are exposed to so much sound in our everyday lives with music being a big part of it.  Music that has a dissonant or negative message activates the solar plexus chakra.  This is especially reflected in adolescence when there is a connection to heavy, negative or sad music.  Adolescence being a stage when our sense of identity and inner power (ruled by the solar plexus chakra) is not stable or secure it is hardly surprising we are attracted to this type of music during this stage of our personality development.  On the other hand music that is harmonious, uplifting and positive in nature will resonate with the heart chakra (the gateway to the soul).  This music is good for us and can assist in upliftment of our vibration.   

The affects of music on water crystals has been shown by Masaru Emoto in his book ‘The Hidden Messages in the Water’.  Dr. Emoto played a Mozart Symphony to one water sample and showed that the crystals that were formed were very symmetrical and beautiful in nature.  On the other hand he played heavy metal music to another sample and the crystals came out distorted.  We are primarily made up of water as is the planet and so the sound we expose ourselves to will greatly impact on us individually and as a planet.  Go to check it out for your-self.

Sounding or sound healing is the use of sounds at particular pitches to heal the physical body, shift emotional blocks and keep the chakra system healthy.  The use of toning or mantras can have profound effects on the body and the mind.  For more on sound healing check out, 

The words we use make such a difference to the way we create, and what we create.  If you choose to make negative statements you are more likely to create those kinds of experiences, if you express with anger when loving kindness is needed you are responsible for generating that anger.  All emotions have their place and when used rightly they will have a positive impact on the surrounding environment and uplift humanity. If you use positive affirmations with emotional congruence in your life you are creating those experiences.  When you think, feel or speak you are placing a note out into the Universe and it will bounce back to you be sure that you are creating from an integrated view point – if you think or express negatively whilst feeling ”love” you are still creating negativity, keep practising!.   

The higher the note (vibration), the more imperceptible the sound which is why intuition is subtle and the soul speaks in whispers which takes a well tuned “ear” (trained mediator) to listen acutely/accurately.  The higher the note the more complex and sacred the geometry.  So choose your notes well and sound them with love and the highest intentions. 

Have a fantastic weekend. 

Lots of love to you all

Melissa and Sarah x 

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