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Friday Inspiration - 24 April 2009
By Melissa Bult

Holding Your Light

Hello everyone,  

I have a favourite quote from the ‘Conversations with God’ series of books (by Neale Donald Walsh) that say’s ‘I have sent you nothing but angels’.  This saying helps me to re-member the highest in myself and all those I meet on my life’s journey.  Sometimes we are challenged in life by people and circumstances and it can seem hard to hold the light, so in today’s inspiration I want to discuss how to hold your light. 

What do I mean by holding your light?  Well essentially holding yourself in your highest state of integrity, trust, truth and love.  Continuing to keep your boundaries firm and your faith in yourself strong helps you to shine brightly in times of challenge.  There will always be someone or something that challenges you to dull your light but when you are able to recognise this you can see that in these moments it is a call for you to shine brighter.   

We all have an ego (personality) and this is often triggered by other people’s egos.  When we respond to life from our ego we are responding from the lower aspects within us.  However, we also have the option to choose to respond from our higher self in all situations.  Most of us are trying to find a balance between the two as we go about evolving.  When we can choose from our highest places we are much more able to hold our light.   

When we can hold our light we offer those around us to do the same.  For example if someone say’s something cruel to you there are a few ways you could respond.  You can either say something cruel back, you can ignore them, or you can offer them love.  Attacking someone back when we feel attacked is never going to be helpful, it’s like adding darkness to darkness.  When we respond to someone’s lower self by dropping down into our lower self everyone is lost.  However, if we can hold our light and remember the truth (the light) in the other person, we can lift the situation up to be illuminated.  

Remember we are always projecting our thoughts and feelings out into the world and we must be aware of our intentions so that we project the highest ones.  If someone projects their fears (negative emotions) onto you then you can either buy into that or remember that it is their stuff, not yours and opt to dodge the bullet.  The same goes for when you project those things onto others, you need to take responsibility for those parts of yourself.  We all have a light side and a shadow side, but it is up to us which side we favour.   

In saying all of this I ask you to remember that holding your light can be challenging and you need to be compassionate with yourself and others.  The theory is great but the practice in my experience is much harder. It’s about the journey not the destination – the more you practice the better you will get at it.  Be grateful for any opportunity you get to practice too as the Universe knows what you are ready to handle.  Miracles happen when we change our perception and become more en-lightened (in the light), thus creating a space to end old karmic ties and create from the highest within us.   

The greatest lesson in holding your light I ever learned was from a woman named Immaculee Ilibagiza who’s story is told in the best selling book ‘Left to Tell’.  Immaculee is a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide of 1994.  In her book she explains how faith helped her to survive months of hiding and her ability to see the truth in those threatening her life gave her great strength and understanding.  Most of her family were brutally murdered but when it came time to meet their killer, unlike many who were seeking revenge on these men, Immaculee choose to forgive him.  I think that is amazing and it reminds me that forgiveness and faith give us the power of Grace.  

On a practical level you can also visualise holding your light and protecting yourself.  Imagine that a shield of protection is surrounding you, whether this is white light or a fine metallic barrier.  This shield is placed at the edge of your aura (or energy body) and can be pulled in or let out as you need to.  With this shield you can decide what to let in and what to let out.   

In these testing times when there is so much fear energy circulating, now more than ever we need to hold the light. 

Have a lovely day!
An abundance of love to you all

Melissa x


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